Insidia Begins Open Beta

If you’ve been curious about Insidia, the tactics-based online PvP’er, then now is your chance to take a peek. Insidia open beta has officially begun, granting players their opportunity to try out the new post-apocalyptic online battler.

insidia open beta

In Insidia, players lead teams of two characters in 1v1 turn-based battles to destroy power cores and sabotage the enemy’s main base. Insidia will offer a selection of what it describes as “fierce punks, mutated wizards and steampunk knights” to choose from, with six heroes at open beta and a new character added each month.

Insidia is now available now on Steam Early Access as a free-to-play title. You can check out more details about the game on its official website as well as check out some gameplay in an announcement trailer below.

Our Thoughts

For people who enjoy strategy games in the same vein as something like Atlas Reactor, Insidia could be a great time. It’s not too often we see early access games launch completely free-to-play, so we’re definitely curious to find out more about how this one will play and whether tactics fans will take to Insidia.

Source: press release

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