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Life is Feudal MMO Shares CBT 4 Stats in a New Video

Infographics are fun, but infovideos are more fun. That’s perhaps the line of thinking in a new Life is Feudal: MMO CBT 4 infographic showcase which shares a number of unique stats from the most recent closed beta session.

cbt 4 infographic

According to the video, this round of testing was particularly active. 28 million tons of soil and 143,000 trees were harvested to help in the construction of over 2,000 houses. Perhaps correspondingly, Carpenter and Farmer turned out to be the most popular professions. 135 new guilds were formed, 43 of which erected Guild Monuments. Over 7,000 pieces of armor were forged, but failed to protect over 5,000 players who were slain.

You can take a look at other unique stats from Life is Feudal: MMO’s CBT 4 (and enjoy some rather lovely music at the same time) in the video below.

Our Thoughts

Looks like CBT 4 turned out to be quite a successful test! It also sounds like players of the MMO were particularly invested in the game’s systems, which is certainly good to see in any sandbox title. We’re looking forward to development moving forward.

Source: press release

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