MMO Select: Because Choosing Is The Hardest Part has a huge list of free online games and with all these games to choose from sometimes it can become a little overwhelming. We want to help, and so here today we have MMO Select. In this article we aren’t going to give you a Top 10 MMOs but merely a hand picked selection of titles for you to try out. Let us know if this helps you, game on!

MMORPG – Runes of Magic
Hailed as the ‘Free World of Warcraft’ and the true all-in-one MMORPG, if you aren’t playing Runes of Magic yet you are missing out. Over 5 Million Players have signed up for RoM and are enjoying what has come to be a true success story. Open and instanced dungeons, pvp, a ton of classes and much more are awaiting players in this free MMORPG.
Runes of Magic MMORPG MMO Select
Fantasy MMO – Forsaken World
From Perfect World Entertainment comes another Free to Play Fantasy MMORPG, and this one is even available on Steam. Choose from five races and eight classes, participate in intense mounted combat and enjoy another high quality titles from the makers of Perfect World International. For Steam don’t forget you must still register an account before you can play!
Forsaken World Fantasy MMORPG MMO Select
Action MMO – Rusty Hearts
As one of the newer titles on the list, this Anime Styled Beat-Em-Up Action MMO is having great success. Crawl through dungeons with your friends in this thrilling coin-op style arcade action game showcased in stunning anime-style graphics. Rusty Hearts is another title that is also available on steam, but don’t forget you still need to register an account to play!
Rusty Hearts Action MMO MMO Select
Shooter (MMOFPS) – S4 League
While not quite an MMOFPS, rather a third person shooter; S4 League is worth a mention. Providing one of the few online shooters that actually requires strategy and brilliant tactics to win; you need to atleast give this game a try. The game itself is anime-styled in a sci-fi setting offering game modes such as the classic deathmatch and capture the flag.
S4 League Third Person Shooter MMO Select

Sci-Fi MMO – Face of Mankind
This one is a little older, but was truly a gem that remained under the radar for the most part. The whole world is governed by player actions, players run the world and influence how it evolves. With eight rival factions and no restrictions on who players may attack, it is up to the players to set the law. Will you be a gun-toting outlaw, a powerful weapon trader or maybe just live your days out as a humble law abiding citizen. The choice is up to you, and what this game lacks in visual awe it makes up for in brilliant gameplay; a Sci-Fi MMORPG that needs to be experienced.
Face of Mankind Sci-Fi MMORPG MMO Select
A very unique online racing game set in a Post-Apocalyptic world. Players can build and customize their own car, changing everything down to the finest little details. Where Victory stands out is in its advanced driving physics and the way it handles driving in an online environment. A very cool racing game, and for any formula one fan you will feel right at home with the styles of the cars.

Victory The Age of Racing MMO Select
That’s all we have time for today, we hope this list was helpful and check back soon for the second edition where we will cover Strategy, Sports, Fighting, Kids, Social MMOs and more!

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