Presents Weekly Editor’s Choice Review Award: A Mystical Land!

A Mystical Land is a 3D Fantasy, Browser Game (MMORPG) that features multiple skill progression, an in-depth crafting system and intuitive Facebook integration without the need for a large download or complicated sign-up process.
Similar in style to MMORPGs like Allods Online and Runes of Magic, A Mystical Land places you in the shoes of your own unique character, teaches you how to gather and craft hundreds of weapons and items and allows you to invite and join friends through Facebook 
— all without ever leaving your Internet browser.
But that’s been done before; perhaps not as nicely as A Mystical Land, sure, but playing an MMORPG through an Internet browser is old news, right? Well, I thought so. Playing A Mystical Land changed my perspective a bit. Let me show you why:
You see, right from the moment you first log into A Mystical Land, it’s obvious that you’re playing something different. This is an MMORPG; this is the real deal. It looks amazing. In fact, it reminds me a lot of the first time I logged into World of Warcraft, all those years ago. Except, well… I didn’t even have to download for 3 days first.
Character creation is enjoyable; while there are no race options outside of the Human, there are 4 classes, the Hunter, Mage, Warrior and Priest (the Fantastic Four, as it were, the staple MMORPG diet) and a decent amount of customization options for each. Little did I know, this was only the beginning.
Now, while the visuals and customization and the ability to start playing in less than a minute are all great features worth applauding, they played a small role in my overall enjoyment of A Mystical Land. It’s the gameplay that really grabbed me here; specifically, the tutorial.
While most fantasy games begin by assaulting you with pop-up windows filled with poorly translated text that ask me to kill 10 rabbits and collect 5 feathers, A Mystical Land did neither. Instead, I was directed to an NPC who asked me to pick apples, use them to create apple juice, and offer it to a wounded soldier. A few minutes later, I realised I was crafting.
A few minutes after that and I realised that my crafting had only just begun. One NPC asked me to help fight off a pack of hungry wolves that were attacking the sheep, but first I needed a weapon. As I’d chosen to play a Hunter, I figured a good choice would be a bow, and proceeded to cut tress, whittle wood and craft my new weapon. Having saved the sheep, I decided to use their wool to make a new pair of gloves. See where I’m going with this?
Blacksmithing, Cooking, Tailoring, Woodcrafting, Mining, Fishing, Fruit Picking… hell, they even offer Bug Collecting, and they’re all tracked neatly in your Knowledge Book, which helps to track your crafting progression and lets you know when you’ve unlocked a new recipe or achieved a new rank. Browser games don’t include genuine MMORPG features very often, so when they do, it’s worth applaud.
So, you’ve got high-quality graphics in an Internet browser, detailed character creation and customisation and an in-depth, full-featured crafting system. Now, add to that more than 30 unique questing zones, RPG level progression with individual talents and skills for each class, Facebook integration and hundreds of quests and you’ve got yourself A Mystical Land, the most advanced 3D Fantasy, Browser MMORPG on the market today. You know what to do.

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