Weekly Editor’s Choice Award: CrimeCraft!

CrimeCraft is a 3D Shooter Game similar to many titles in the MMOFPS genre, except that it’s played in the third-person perspective and offers a story-driven RPG experience alongside its traditional room-based shooter play.

Most MMOFPS games simply offer an arena for shooter play; CrimeCraft is an entirely different experience. Create a character, complete quests alone and with other players, and compete in vicious Player vs. Player arenas with upgraded weapons and equipment while following an episodic story that takes the FPS genre further than ever before.
Though, it’s important to remember that while CrimeCraft does offer a coherent, progressive story and many elements of the MMORPG, it spares no expense in terms of action. You’ll begin playing by creating a character with a modest amount of customization options, then, once completed, you’ll be thrown head-first into a Payer vs. Player match with an assortment of other players and NPC enemies.

Your results here aren’t recorded; it’s the beginning of a long, well-designed prologue tutorial designed to properly introduce you to the many complex components that make p the world of CrimeCraft. Once you’ve completed the initial battle you’ll be introduced to Sunrise City, and your small place within it, by completing a few simple quests; one will require you to enter a single-player match and infiltrate an enemy base, another asks that you protect another player from harm as they deliver important intel back to base.
As you can see, CrimeCraft is no ordinary shooter, and single-player objective-based missions are only the beginning. Soon you’ll be introduced to the various shops available in town, and guided step-by-step as you equip new weapons and items, learn new skills and abilities, and come to terms with some of the more advanced combat tactics, such as sprinting and jumping to perform a diving melee attack, and rolling o avoid danger.
As the story progresses you’ll be introduced to the PvP arena, a place to simply join a game filled with other players and shoot your way to victory. This isn’t only a place to have a little fun; no, you’ll gain experience and cash during these battles based on your performance, and you’ll use it to upgrade your character further with grenades, healing abilities, and new weapons and attacks.
Choose to continue the story and you’ll be thrown head-first into a new world of terror, and asked to complete a variety of missions with other players that will see you work together to complete various objectives and kill enemy bosses.

I could go on forever. In terms of innovate and unique gameplay, CrimeCraft is one of a kind. Take all the TPS (Third-Person Shooter) gameplay you can handle, then combine it with your favourite story-based RPG and you still won’t have a good idea of what CrimeCraft can offer. But I won’t go on forever. I’ll leave you to try it for yourself. It’s free, and you can start playing right away.

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