Weekly Editor’s Choice Review Award: MicroVolts! Weekly Editor’s Choice Review Award: MicroVolts!

MicroVolts is a cartoon style MMOFPS that features deep customization options, tight controls, excellent gameplay mechanics, engaging social features and impressive visuals.

Not only are there 4 characters for players to choose from, each with endless customization options, all 7 weapon types are available to any player with the ability to switch between each one within a match.  With 6 different game modes and 9 different maps, there really is something to suit each individual players personal style and preferences.

MicroVolts includes 4 main character types, each with a wide range of customization options. There are two female characters, one male human character and one male robot character, all of which can be further customized by their hair, face, top, bottom, hands and shoes, as well as accessories and diorama stands.


Each of the many, many customization options available in MicroVolts also add additional statistics and abilities to their character; for example, equipping a new pair of leggings for female character Pandora increases her movement speed. Every player has the ability to create a character that represents their unique personality and style.

Players also have full access to 7 different types of weapons during a match, not being tied down to a specific class. Feel like sitting back with a Sniper Rifle but worried that someone might sneak up on you from behind? No problem. Snipe away to your heart’s content; when they draw close, switch to the shotgun and blast away, then quick-switch to your rocket or grenade launcher and wreck havoc on a group of enemies from a distance.

Of course, after you’ve played for a while, you’ll begin to develop specific preferences. That’s where the customization comes in: you can choose to spend all of your cash on a new Sniper rifle and bullet pack to carry extra ammo for your rifle, and while you’ll clearly have an advantage with your rifle, you’ll always have the opportunity to switch to your melee weapon if the occasion should arise.

There are currently six different game modes. Some modes will require a Microvolter to fend for themselves while others require each Microvolter to work together strategically to win! These range from simple Free-for-All and Team-Based matches to Capture the Battery and several more.

There are also 9 different maps, each with a very different theme, layout, and size.   Battle it out in the bedroom, kitchen, gardens or even entire neighbourhoods! Some maps are fairly small, encouraging fast paced action, while others provide a huge battlefield and strategic gameplay.

In short, MicroVolts is the answer to every MMOFPS enthusiasts prayers; it’s a fast-paced, action-packed, adrenaline-fuelled riot that boasts an unprecedented amount of customization and diversity that makes for a gameplay experience like no other before it. Get in quick.

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