EVE Online: Lifeblood

Moon Mining Changes Coming with EVE Online: Lifeblood

CCP Games has revealed information regarding the changes and updates coming to their flagship MMORPG EVE Online in the next expansion, EVE Online: Lifeblood. The bulk of changes coming with Lifeblood concern the game’s industrial side; moon mining, reactions, and refining.

EVE Online: Lifeblood

Of particular interest within EVE Online: Lifeblood is the plan to change moon mining from solely a passive activity to one which is more active. With the introduction of new player-owned structures known as refineries, players will now have the option to work together and actually be part of the mining process. According to the official update page, “…capsuleers will now be able to carry out moon mining operations directly via these structures, transforming the process from an entirely passive form of income into an active form of gameplay that promotes collaboration and conflict.” Also of merit is a rework of the UI and mechanics of reactions, with CCP promising that “…the new reactions system will bring a more coherent and clear process to the fingertips of both veteran and rookie industrialists.”

A number of new forms of PvE content are also in the works. The in-game pirate factions, the Guristas and the Blood Raiders, will begin conducting raids into the high-security regions of space within the game. Players will be able to combat these raids, as well as work together to destroy forward bases used by the pirates. Additionally, miners and combat pilots will now be able to work together, providing resources for the game’s four core factions. According to the website, “…capsuleers both young and old will be able to take part in collaborative gameplay with other capsuleers to assist their chosen empire with the release of EVE Online: Lifeblood.”

A handful of quality of life improvements are also planned.  A new mining ledger feature will allow players to keep track of how much ore they have mined, where, and when, as well as who, if anyone, is mining in their space. The games’ in-game The Agency feature will be updated and streamlined, to make it easier for players to find other players to group up with for various activities. And the hulls popular with Alpha (free to play) pilots will be on the receiving end of a number of balance passes. According to the website, these passes are intended to provide these ships (Frigate hulls) a “…little more punch” and are being made with the intention to “…shake up the combat meta a little, and provide new tactical options for these classes of hull.” And lastly, to celebrate the game’s upcoming 20th anniversary, players who purchase tickets to the yearly EVE Online conventions Fanfest 2017 or EVE Vegas 2017 will be awarded a special, limited edition CONCORD Marshal class Battleship.

Players and readers interested in learning more about EVE Online: Lifeblood should visit the official announcement page. They can also watch the official announcement video below:

Our Thoughts

As a former longtime EVE Online player, it is great to see changes being made at all levels of gameplay; the new PvE content will widen the range of activities for pilots who like to stay within hisec space, and the new industry changes will provide new activities for people mining moons and holding space. Also, and of course, I always love to see balance passes for frigates, being a die-hard frigate pilot myself.

Now, CCP, fix the Jag and the Wolf please, thanks.

Source: Official Website

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