MU Legend Confirms a Date for Open Beta

For fans of the MMOARPG, the MU Legend open beta date has been a topic of consistent conversation. Now, perhaps, that conversation can go into a more positive direction as Webzen have officially locked down a start date for the game’s global beta.

mu legend open beta date

While we did learn from the game’s producer that beta would be held back until November, today that November date was locked down: Tuesday, November 7th.

According to the announcement, the previously assumed three month-long dev cycle for localization and QA was able to shrink down to two months as a result of the team’s hard work. “Our people at Webzen are like our fans: actual gamers and with a great passion for videogames, and I can guarantee you that they are all committed to the November 7th release date,” reads the statement.

In addition to the confirmed open beta date, MU Legend will also have a day-long server stress test on Saturday, September 23rd. Players are invited to “kill the servers” in order to make sure MU Legend’s infrastructure is up to the task of OBT.

Players who are eager to start testing the MMO are invited to download and install the MU Legend client from the game’s new website. Further details for the game, including specific information on the stress test and other game-related updates, will be announced there as well. A trailer for the upcoming stress test can also be seen below.

Our Thoughts

There’s definitely been a lot of anticipation for this announcement, so we’re glad that MU Legend fans can finally mark a date on their calendars. Two dates, even! Here’s hoping that the upcoming stress test provides valuable data for the devs and players have a great time in OBT.

Source: press release

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