NCSoft Black Friday Sales Announced

This Black Friday everyone will be rushing to the mall to try get their hands on some great deals. Lets face it, we are gamers and the only deals we really care about reside in video game retail outlets. NCSoft is wondering why you would even bother when all the Black Friday deals you need are right at your computer. This Friday, stay home and enjoy some bargains without the nightmare, courtesy of NCSoft. Starting Friday morning gamers will have the chance to score a great bargain at the NCSoft Store or the in-game Paragon Market for Guild Wars and City of Heroes.

MMO Games Guild Wars Wallpaper

Guild Wars
  • Guild Wars Trilogy — Newcomers to Guild Wars can begin their adventures by purchasing  the Guild Wars Trilogy for the reduced price of $14.99, a fifty percent savings of the regular price (download only)
  • Guild Wars: Eye of the North — Existing Guild Wars players will be able to purchase the Eye of the North expansion for the special holiday price of $9.99
City of Heroes
  • VIP Starter Kit — For those that have yet to don a cape or cowl, the VIP Starter Kit gives new crusaders or villains the opportunity to experience one month of VIP membership privileges for only $0.99
  • Paragon Market Sales — Current players will be able to choose from huge discounts on a wide selection of buffs & boosters, enhancements, account services and more with discounts ranging from fifty to eighty percent off

The sale is set to begin at 12:01am PST, November 25th. So don’t miss out, now is the perfect time to catch up on some GW action before the release of Guild Wars 2 or get VIP membership in COH for only 99c! Don’t forget to head over to the NCSoft Store or in-game Paragon Market on friday.

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