New update for MMO Runes of Magic challenges players to defeat a legend

New update for MMO Runes of Magic challenges players to defeat a legend
Frogster will soon release the next content update for the popular online role-playing game Runes of Magic, opening up a new area for gamers to explore. In the remote confines of the Southern Janost Forest, new enemies await. Among the many additions that players might encounter is the new world boss, Amboriar; lying unanimated for thousands of years, Amboriar has awoken.  It will be up to the players to keep the powerful Amboriar from falling under the control of dark forces and wreaking havoc on Zandorya.
Amboriar was once one of the mighty Guardians, huge mechanical warriors forged to combat hoards of murderous demons in the ancient wars. After proving their valor in many battles, the Guardians were sent on a mission to free Zandorya. However, the warriors were attacked on route to the remote continent. Amboriar, its power source damaged, crashed down the side of a mountain where its power core finally overloaded. The giant machine remained there, buried under a pile of rubble that used to be the home of a mighty dwarf civilization.
A few years ago, in the bowels of the very same mountain, the remains of the Guardian were discovered by the bloodthirsty Baron Reuen von Jura. The specimen was so well preserved that it presented an incredible opportunity for the scientists of the Hand of Truth, the rebel faction aiming to overthrow the throne of Zandorya. It would be easy to repair the power core of this robot and reprogram it into an all-mighty ally.
It is up to the players to prevent this nightmare from coming to pass.  No one would stand a chance in combat with the mechanical titan if the Hand of Truth army manages to completely restore its power source. Deep inside the Ruins of the Magnork Kingdom, a crucial battle for the future of Zandorya will take place; a battle so fierce that it will require the joint efforts of as many fighters as the king Callaway can muster.
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