Overwatch Unleashes Doomfist, Loot Box Tweaks, and Highlight Options

From a gauntlet in an opening cinematic to a full-fledged offensive powerhouse, Doomfist has officially arrived to Overwatch. The newest Overwatch content update adds the punch-happy villain along with adjustments to the game’s loot boxes and new options for highlights.

overwatch content update

We don’t really need to tell you much, because most folks are already familiar with who Doomfist is as well as what he’s capable of. The update also brings previously tested fixes to loot boxes as well as the ability for players to generate, save, and share their own highlights.

Other fixes in the new update are generally minor, with several heroes receiving fixes to sound effects and VO line additions, a slight speed increase to Reinhardt’s Rocket Hammer, and a modest amount of bug fixes. Patch notes are here, and a video showcasing Doomfist doing what he does best can be viewed below.

Our Thoughts

We certainly hope fans of Doomfist are pleased with the character’s arrival, and we also hope that the fixes to the game’s loot boxes do ultimately result in cracking open those crates feeling more rewarding. Overall, this is a very auspicious day for Overwatch.

Source: official forums

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