Path of Exile Ties Down an Xbox One Release Date

We’ve been reporting for a little while now about the Fall of Oriath update to MMOARPG Path of Exile, which is also tied together with the game’s impending arrival to the Xbox One. On the official forums, Grinding Gear Games has officially confirmed the Path of Exile console release date.

path of exile console release

Xbox One players will get to begin their adventures in the world of Wraeclast on Thursday, August 24th. As stated before, the release will include the full game as a free-to-play title, including the recently-released Fall of Oriath content pack.

While the game will be completely free for everyone, those who are interested can now purchase a First Blood starter pack in the Xbox One Store. The bundle offers 200 points to spend on cosmetics in the game’s store, the First Blood Weapon Effect, and an extra Stash Tab.

Our Thoughts

Turns out that the beta testing went by in pretty short order! We hope that Xbox One players and fans of ARPGs are able to find something to like once Path of Exile makes its console debut.

Source: official forums

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