Star Supremacy Open Beta Begins Next Week

Star Supremacy is a Free to Play Browser Based Sci-Fi Strategy game that has been receiving a lot of attention recently. Developer Barbily Games is preparing for the official launch of their space war game and in the meantime, will be holding an Open Beta for all gamers to participate in. Players can conquer different star systems, engage in thrilling combat over resources and discover the hidden technology behind the Deep Space Colony Ship. Become the ultimate controller of the universe in this unique strategy game, check out the features that will be available in the Open Beta below.

MMO Games Star Supremacy Screenshot

Key Gameplay Features include:
  • Ship Assembly and Design Massive Varied Researches of Three Factions
  • A Brand New Economy System and Trade Route
  • Overturn the Routine Battle Mode
  • Alliance Interaction, You Are Not Alone
  • Challenge Powerful Bosses 

The Open Beta Test is set to begin next week on November 15th, 2011. Players are encouraged to sign up and take part it what is set to be one of the most unique browser based space war games to date. Keep your eye out right here at for all the latest Star Supremacy news!

Visit the Star Supremacy game page to find out more!

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