Top 5 Free To Play MMO Shooters in July

And so, another month waves goodbye, and with it another collection of fond memories are forged within the virtual worlds we gamers call home. It was a tough month to choose our favourite category, though overall we found July to be the month filled with shooters. Some Sci-Fi, some Fantasy, some Modern Warfare. Though in the end it was all the same: kill, baby, kill.

#5. Operation 7

Operation 7 is a realistic MMOFPS that features more than 700 sounds, 15 maps, 5 game modes and clan battles offering special channels for strategic shooter gameplay.

Challenge your friends to a battle with no mercy!

#4. Mission Against Terror

Mission Against Terror (MAT) is a 3D MMOFPS that features a wide variety of game modes, weapon choices and upgrade options.

Additionally, Mission Against Terror (MAT) is well known for featuring fast-paced, highly competitive gameplay. In 2009 it was sanctioned by the China Electrical Gaming Committee as the only Free-to-Play MMOFPS that qualified for high-level competitive gameplay. Are you game?

#3. S4 League

S4 League is a 3D, Sci-Fi MMOFPS that features fast-paced, action-packed gameplay in multiple game modes such as deathmatch and capture the flag.

Unlike other MMOFPS titles, S4 League is not simply another ‘gun game’. You will be required to employ strategy and tactics in this MMOFPS as you combine long-ranged weapons with swords and melee attack to inflict devastation on your opponents like never before, all while enjoying the gorgeous, 3D anime-inspired visuals.

#2. CrimeCraft

CrimeCraft is a 3D Shooter Game similar to many titles in the MMOFPS genre, except that it’s played in the third-person perspective and offers a story-driven MMORPG experience alongside its traditional room-based shooter play.

Most MMOFPS games simply offer an arena for shooter play; CrimeCraft is an entirely different experience. Create a character, complete quests alone and with other players, and compete in vicious Player vs. Player arenas with upgraded weapons and equipment while following an episodic story that takes the FPS genre further than ever before.

#1. Savage 2

Savage 2 is a Free to Play MMO that combines the very best of the RPG, RTS, and FPS genres to create a hybrid experience like never before.

Savage 2 offers 2 races, 16 classes, tonnes of maps and hundreds of dedicated players. Though not as well-known as many other FTP MMO titles, Savage 2 is a product of unprecedented innovation that should, at the very least, be trialed by all who consider themselves a gamer.

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