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Preparations To Launch Valiance Online On Steam Have Begun

Silverhelm Studios snuck in on Twitter a pretty great update on the progression of their superhero MMORPG, Valiance Online! It seems that after getting greenlit last year and going through a slow but steady development, Valiance Online on Steam is finally about to happen.

valiance online on steam

The announcement doesn’t yet feature an exact date for this move, however the news sounds quite positive as this release seems to be closer than ever.

The team also warned to keep an eye out for an official update concerning details of the alpha release, while stating that the alpha patch will merge game and website logins and allow investors access to their in-game rewards.

In the meantime, Valiance Online has been and remains accessible to download in its pre-alpha version from the official website although devs warn that preparing for the move is likely to cause some downtime.

Another tweet also just confirmed that the game will not be exclusively available on Steam, so players can always turn to the official website and other sources to download the client.


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