Wow, These YouPorn Team Shirts Look Awesome!

Well folks, there you have it, the YouPorn eSports team jerseys have been unveiled, and they do look dashing! As stated earlier, YouPorn has announced to work tightly together with an as of yet unnannounced eSports team. But by the looks of it, they have found a Dota 2 team to sponsor (Pudge is the fat and ugly looking character that hooks people towards him in Dota 2). YouPorn has started an AMA on Reddit to answer all the fans’ questions, and YouPorn has stated that the sponsorship deal for the team is just a few signatures away, and will be announced very soon.


T-shirt and Logo

So what do you think? Will some Dota 2 team be escorted by some lovely porn actresses to their booths before a game commences? I’m curious to know.

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