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Excalibur is a free to play side scrolling MMORPG for mobile devices and PC from R2Games which invites you to dive into some intense side-scrolling RPG action! Set in the age of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, Excalibur combines RPG and classic beat ’em up features for an exceptional mobile game experience. The fate of mythic Britain rests in your hands; can you stand fast against the challenges which assail you, or will you break, falter, fall? Choose your class, grasp your sword, and prepare for adventure and excitement in the world of King Arthur!

Excalibur Key Features

Four Exciting Classes – Choose from resolute Knights, cunning Assassins, mystical Wizards, and skilled Archers. Each class comes with unique strengths, skills, and gameplay options!

Arena – Take on PvP or PvE challenges in the arena, and earn special rewards every day! Will you team up with friends to defeat the toughest monsters? Or will you team up with friends and fight other players?

Monster Siege – Every day, you can enter the toughest of PvE challenges, holding off against hordes of monsters!

Free To Play – With a free to play model and gameplay that supports play on the go, Excalibur can fit into every schedule, no matter how busy!



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