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Kingdom Rift Kingdom Rift Kingdom Rift Kingdom Rift Kingdom Rift
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Kingdom Rift

Kingdom Rift is a Browser-based MMORPG by R2 Games. In Kingdom Rift, players take control of one of 3 classes and embark on a quest to save the realm for the forces of darkness. Along your journey, you will uncover a twisted plot wrought with danger, intrigue, and drama. Experience the epic storyline, take part in exciting PVP battles, team-based dungeons, and everything in between! Join forces with powerful Goddesses, loyal Mounts and amass rare gear to save the world from an otherwise certain doom. Make a name for yourself in Kingdom Rift today!

Kingdom Rift Key Features

Three Classes – Take control of one of the 3 available classes, each with their own unique set of skills: Warrior, Hunter, and Warlock

Hunt For Treasure – Become a tomb raider and use treasure maps to pinpoint the location of treasures and set an auto path to it. This is a good way to get extra silver and various gear upgrades

Upgrade Gear – Enhance your gear through the game’s various upgrade mechanics

Divine Assistance – Unlock different goddesses and have them assist you in battle

Dark Deep Dungeons – Explore the various dungeons available in the game and acquire better loot

Aid From The Stars – Acquire and pick your Zodiac powers (Zodiac blessings and Zodiac prayers)

Epic Artifacts – Upgrade goddess artifacts and get even more divine power.

Animal Companions – Cultivate and evolve different mounts to get you around the world in style

Loads To Do – Take part in various in-game events such as escort quests, assassinations, and giant world bosses


Kingdom Rift

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