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Shadow Realms

Shadow Realms is free to play online cooperative action role-playing game developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts. With a unique 4v1 gameplay system, Shadow Realms pits four human characters from a variety of classes against a single powerful opponent, the Shadowlord. Players must use teamwork, tactics, and careful planning to defeat the Shadowlord, as it is far more powerful than any human adversary. With in-depth character customization and character advancement options, players can tailor their characters in Shadow Realms to perfectly suit their tastes and playstyle, and ensure that their team is a cohesive unit, well prepated to take on – and defeat – the Shadowlord!

Shadow Realms Key Features

Unique 4 Versus 1 Gameplay – One player takes control of the Shadowlord, a deadly opponent who can exert control over other creatures and even alter the environment; the other four players control human characters, who are individually much weaker than the Shadowlord, and who must use planning and teamwork to have any hope of survival.

Customizable Characters – In Shadow Realms, players (besides the one controlling the Shadowlord, that is) each control a human character, and may pick from one of six classes; Warrior, Assassin, Wizard, Cleric, Ranger or Warlock. They may fully customize their character’s appearance as well as enhance their skills and abilities as they progress, thus gaining in power.

Rich Story, Immersive World – Shadow Realms immerses players in the role of their characters, thanks both to the power of the Frostbite 3 engine by DICE and the story, background, and rich scenery which surrounds them. Can you overcome the Shadows?

Shadow Realms

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