Every MMO has humans in one way or another. You’ll also almost always find some Elves to play too. But how many actually go for furry races? In this week’s Listed we’re taking a look at furry races from MMOs.

furry races

Elder Scrolls Online – Khajiit and Argonians

Khajiit are perhaps some of easiest to love of all the races on this list. They’re playful cats with a weak spot for anything sweet and of course Skooma. They often talk about themselves in the third person, adding to their charm. Khajiit are fearsome warriors who prefer to use bladed weapons and can always be found on the front line.

The Argonians aren’t so much furry as they are covered in scales. But scales need love too so we couldn’t leave the Argonians out. A race of lizard-like people, they were once the slaves of the Dunmer. When the Ebonheart Pact formed Dunmer were forced to release the Argonians they held as slaves. They often serve as scouts for the forces of the Pact though they are also quite good with healing magic. They are one of the less popular races.

Guild Wars 2 – Charr

‘Steampunk battle cats with tanks’ is perhaps the best way to describe the Charr. They’re a race that has been forged in the heat of battle. Their entire society is built around military service. Everyone serves. Anyone who doesn’t is an outcast.

Sadly they aren’t very popular and are in fact the least played race in Guild Wars 2. Some people don’t like that they run on all fours, other people are put off by the armor skin options. But in general, it feels like Charr are misunderstood. There’s so much more to them than warmongering. They’re the most technologically advanced race in the world. They have a festival completely dedicated to their love of meat and they have very strong views on religion.

Crowfall – Guinecean and Elken

Cats appear on this list several times, but something you’ll only see once…and you may never see again are Guineceans from Crowfall. They are a race of guinea pigs, or more accurately they look like them. Currently, they’re only playable as Duelists, a melee class with high dexterity. But it has been boasted, by a Guinecean of course, that they were the first to unlock the secret of munitions.

They aren’t the only race from Crowfall that are furry though! They also have the Elken who are, as you might expect, a race of deer-like people. Currently, they are the only race who can play the Stalker role, a ranged archetype with speed and stealth on their side. Quite fitting for a race of deer people really.

World of Warcraft – Pandaren, Tauren and Worgen

Few MMOs have more than one furry race and then there is World of Warcraft with three (though they aren’t the only ones); the Pandaren, Tauren, and Worgen. For any who may not know they are races of Panda people, wolf people, and cow people.

Pandaren were introduced as the first race that was neutral in World of Warcraft. And though you can level without picking a side most people will select Horde or Alliance after a series of quests.

Tauren are members of the Horde after Orcs helped drive back centaurs, giving Tauren somewhere to call their own. They’re massive people and as a result, have a limited number of mounts they can ride.

Worgen were introduced as a playable race in the Cataclysm expansion. When out of combat they can appear as either Human or Worgen though once they begin fighting they will transform into the wolf-like creatures once again.

ArcheAge – Firran

Firran are a nomadic feline race who have a pet snowlion as their constant companion and mount. Their racial abilities reflect their cat-like nature giving them reduced falling damage and increased climbing speed.

Much of their history has been lost through the ages and it is feared that their way of life will be abandoned as outsiders draw Firran away from the nomadic lifestyle they’ve enjoyed for so long. They value honor and an honorable death in battle. Because of their views on death Necromancy is considered one of the worst things to happen. Someone who even travels with a Necromancer risks being made an outcast.

Bless – Lupus and Pantera

Two races created by the Ancient Gods, the first races to come into being, are the Lupus and Pantera. The Lupus are a wolf-like race who actually look quite similar to the Pantera, a cat-like race. The Lupus are a race of peaceful hunters while the Pantera are fierce warriors. Both races can be Guardians, Berserkers, and Rangers. Pantera can also be assassins.

They are in two different, warring factions. Lupus tend to be more isolated, though they will come to the aid of their allies in the Heiron Empire. Pantera, on the other hand, have always been right in the middle of things since they were abandoned by the gods. They aren’t ones to shy away from fights and only the strongest survive.

Everquest – Frogloks, Iksar, and Vah Shiir

Everquest is one of the oldest MMOs that are still going strong today and over the last 18 years, there have been many expansions, adding to the number of races in the game over time. Today there are 3 furry races, though only one of them actually have fur. They are the Frogloks, Iksar, and the cat-like Vah Shiir.

Frogloks, as you would expect are a race of frog-like people. They’ve been in Everquest since launch but it was only in The Legacy of Y’Kesha expansion that they became a playable race.

Iksar are lizard-people who ruled over Kunark for centuries. They’re one of the more primitive races in the world. They’re also one of the most hated races in Norrath because of their dedication to their creator, Cazic-Thule.

The Vah Shiir are a feline race who keep no written records. They aren’t actually from the planet Norrath, instead they come from the moon Luclin. They’re incredibly loyal and selfless.

Camelot Unchained – Cait Sith

The Cait Sith are a feline race that are more cat than they are person. They have a dark background that saw them run away from people to start lives on their own. The eldest Cait Sith actually remember a time before they were bipedal when they were still animals.

They’re part of the Arthurian realm, though they are hesitant to trust the Furless races. After being forced to survive in harsh conditions the race have become keen hunters. They’re often sarcastic and witty while also being extremely zealous, reflecting their cat nature.

So there are just a few of the fur covered and scale covered races you can find in MMOs today. Did we leave any out? Let us know in the comments which are your favorite. If you only play Humans we’d love to know why that is too.