While there are a ton of popular MMOs, there are also a number of not so popular games... MMOs you have never heard of before. These games might be good, they might be bad, but they do have a loyal player base that is willing to stick with them through thick and thin. Let's dive into the list!

1. Rose Online

roseonline- MMOs you have never heard of

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While most people know about Gravity from Ragnarok Online, many have no clue that they have other MMOs. One of these is Rose Online, a game that has been active since 2015. Amazingly "rose" stands for "Rush On Seven Episodes," which is the original title of the game in South Korea.

The game has been very popular in countries outside of the English speaking MMO world but has fallen behind RO and is not usually talked about. Many people have also forgotten it exists due to the success of Gravity's other games.

The game has almost all of the features that keep players in RO but with better graphics and a better UI. The entire game has a much more cartoonish appeal than RO. The sprites are not quite as easy to skin, giving it fewer choices than RO as well.

The most interesting thing about it is the ability for players to completely control the entire economy. The shifts due to supply and demand can be intense, making it important to play every day. The game focuses heavily on exploring and world drops, making it hard to ensure a steady supply of any one item. This keeps the game fresh and interesting. Players are not forced to use the pays hop, although it can provide a significant boost to your in-game funds.

The story line is just as rich as other games from Gravity. Lore spans across seven different planets, showing the reason for the Korean name. Gods and Goddesses fight over the land, making changes that players are forced to cope with on a regular basis. Story lines evolve naturally, and players can still understand the story line if they return after years away.

Overall, it is the best known on this list of video games you have never heard of, but it is still not very well known. Players who enjoyed Ragnarok Online will enjoy the game, while new players may enjoy the open play style the game offers.

2. Music Man Online

musicmanonline- MMOs you have never heard of

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While some of you may have heard of Audition, you may not know that there are a number of other Dance MMOs out there. With the failure of Audition's latest patches, a number of people have been looking for alternatives. Thankfully, there was already a great game with a similar concept released in 2015. Music Man Online is the dancing MMO that fans have been wanting. While it is one of the games you may have never heard of, it is still a great game.

like any good MMO, the game includes skins, expansions, and extra modes. While most dancing games only have 4 modes, Music Man has 6, which is the same as the number of players allowed in a room. Global chat channels keep the game a bit more connected, while the small room size helps keep everyone well within their comfort zone.

The game launched into open beta on July 14th 2015 and has provided steady content patches ever since. The average time between updates is 14 days, making the game much more relevant than other dancing MMOs.

Monthly tournaments and new additions to the surplus shop keep the game fresh and fun. Each tournament offers one of a kind items and skins, ensuring that players are motivated to continue playing. Players who have won tournaments or achieved high scores have their real life pictures posted on the site.

Its current following on Facebook is just over 100,000 players, but the game seems to be growing in popularity every day. Check out the official trailer below for a glimpse at the fun atmosphere the game provides!

## 3. Mabinogi

mabinogi MMOs you have never heard of

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While this game was developed in South Korea, the premise is actually Irish mythology. You have likely never heard of this game because Vindictus is much more popular. Vindictus is actually the prequel to this game, but Mabinogi didn't achieve the success that Vindictus enjoyed.

While the game has enjoyed success in a number of countries, the European servers were shut down almost four years ago. The reasons cited were lack of interest and a small player base. This made it surprising when the prequel enjoyed widespread success. Nexon lifted an IP ban that affected Europe after the closing of the servers. Since then, the North American server has enjoyed a surge in numbers, but the game is still relatively unknown.

One of its features is the ability to have part time jobs. You receive quests at certain times of the day, enabling you to pursue friendships with different merchants. Each NPC offers you a different set of quests, all themed around a specific resource. After you achieve a close relationship with the merchant, you access a secret feature or shop from them. These themed jobs follow the same path as jobs in other games, but they do not require any dedication other than your time.

The game relies upon campaigns, set in chapters, and to continue onward you must complete each chapter before accessing new content. This ensures that players don't blow through the game too fast. All chapters are available with the basic game, as are all new content patches. Nexon is more likely to release new games rather than expansions, keeping the game less likely to become well known.

The lore is extremely rich, and new players are often surprised by the depth and details put into the game. Playing through is an extremely rewarding experience, one that I highly recommend.

4. Last Chaos

lastchaos- MMOs you have never heard of

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You have never heard of this game because it has a very narrow player base that it appeals to. While the game is active, and has been for more than 9 years, it only has had a few hundred thousand players. However, the game has a large number of unique elements, making it fun to play.

The first unique element is the guardian system. A system where players can help guide each other through the game. This type of formalized relationship isn't present in many other games, but it does help build a strong community. Players who wish to aid others find no shortage of new players to help, while new players often find higher level players ready to aid them when they come into the world.

The next feature is a PvP mode known as castle sieges. Similar to online browser games such as Evony, players can lay siege to castles and create their own castles. This allows long-time players to pick from a number of different PvP modes to keep the game interesting.

However, the game is grinding based with a high level cap of 184. It takes months of play to reach this level, discouraging most players before they begin.

Another feature that drives off many players is the gender gating of different classes. Like many people, this would keep me away from seriously playing the game. Each class can only be played by a certain gender. If you, like me, always play a specific gender, this can be more than a little frustrating.

Overall, the game has a lot of re-play value and introduces some interesting elements. After nearly 10 years, it isn't likely that this game will ghost on players either, making it an appealing choice out of this list.

5. Shaiya

shaiya- MMOs you have never heard of

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While Aeria games is well known, it has produced a number of games that do not seem to be as popular. One of these is its first MMO - Shaiya. It seems that this is the game it used to test out new ideas. The game offers 12 classes, 3 races, and a number of different modes. Players are in charge of their own leveling path, making it a bit more open plan than their other games.

The most interesting part of the game is actually its PvP system. Defeating enemies earns you points with your Goddess. This then translates over into a buff for everyone within your faction. This is one of the best faction uniting mechanics I have seen to date, and it helps keep the player base stay active. This is one of the simplest ways to ensure that players stick with one faction.

In the end, the game still has the same flair of other games from Aeria. A spinoff called "Shaiya Phoenix" has been released. It is a complete re-balancing of the game, with some minor changes. Players with complaints about the base game may wish to check out this changed version instead. While this game has been around for 8 years, the player base seems to be very loyal. It seems that the game will be around for a while, and hopefully will no longer be on a list of video games you have heard of before.

Final thoughts

This concludes our list of MMOs you have never heard of before. I hope that you have found new games to play, or that you wish to re-visit. Feel free to tell me in the comments if there are games you feel I missed, or if you try out any of these games.