The popular MMORPG 9 Dragons has shut down. The 9 Dragons official site simply states that service for the game was terminated on February 15, 2016, followed by a brief message thanking the community of the game for their love and support.


9 Dragons has had a rocky road, with a series of character transfers, false starts, and server shutdowns marking its run; however, no indication was given that this shutdown was imminent. The game was an oriental fantasy RPG that emphasized martial arts via the use of a very fluid combat system, delivering an immersive experience where players would side with the “White” or “Black” clans and devote themselves to becoming masters of the martial arts. The game was well received, and it ran for over 9 years.

Our Thoughts:

9Dragons ran for nine years. Nine years is plenty of time for a lot of people to develop a lot of fond memories. It's always sad to see an MMO sunset, particularly when so little warning or explanation is given. 9 Dragons was merely one of a handful of MMORPGs which have recently seen the servers go dark, and every one of these was someone's favorite game, a game people made long term connections through, a game people loved. People found new friends, new jobs, long term relationships and marriages and all manner of social contact through every one of these games. Sad news.

Source: 9 Dragons Website