So you’ve memorised the camera locations, you know the Visual and Common tasks, and you’ve mapped out the vents, but do you know how to win every time in Among Us? Welcome to our Among Us masterclass full of trickery and mischief wherein we'll be sharing advanced Among Us strategies for imposters. If you haven’t played yet, check out our main game review or even our bonus review of the inbuilt Hide & Seek mode. If these strategies are a bit advanced for you, why not check out this great Among Us guide by our friends at Mobile Games.

Let us know if you enjoy our our Among Us imposter guide and we’ll put together a Crewmate masterclass too.

Among Us Imposter Strategies:

Feeling devious, devilish, or deceptive? Sounds like you’re ready to begin.

The “Crowdkill (Stack Kill)”

Also known as a Stack Kill, a Crowdkill takes the Among Us “safety in numbers” crewmate strategy and turns it on its head. Join with three crewmates in one spot, hang out for a while until they are no longer suspicious. Then with you all stacked on top of each other, simply murder in plain sight. Because there are too many people in one space, nobody will be able to confidently say who the murderer is.

The Crowdkill is at its most effective when the lights are off and when Crewmates are all clamouring to complete a single task (such as repairing a sabotage). Stack kills work when crewmates are sticking together. That way, rather than using numbers as their strength, you make it their weakness. But take heed, overplay this card and you’ll be spaced in no time.

The “Kill-Vent-Sabotage-Vent-Kill”

Want to pull off a multi-kill? Here’s how to do it. Find a good secluded murder spot and wait inside a vent, jump out to kill a passing Crewmate, jump inside the vent and use it to get to a sabotage spot. Sabotage some equipment to cause a distraction and make your escape back down the same vent. Crewmates will be distracted by the sabotage, and once your second victim walks into the original corpsed-up room, you can kill them too before they ever have a chance to report the body.

What’s more, if you sabotage the O2, the Reactor, the Communications, or the Lights, this will disable crewmates’ ability to call an Emergency Meeting. Covering your tracks just in case you’re caught in the act.

The “Take Me To Your Leader”

Take out the head and the body will fall. Anyone who has played their share of Among Us knows that some crewmates fancy themselves as the boss sleuths. They’ll take on a decidedly Sherlock Holmes approach and will lead the investigation. Inevitably, these curious types are trouble. Take them down early and silence them once and for all.

The “Call me Purple”

This one is less a strategy for ultimate victory and more just a way to help sow more seeds of doubt, confusion and chaos. All it involves is naming yourself after a colour, and not the colour of your player. If you character is green, call him pink. If you’re character is pink, call him blue.

Making those emergency meetings just that little bit more stressful may save your skin for another round.

The “Achilles”

Players who have completed “Visual Tasks” in front of their crewmates have proven their innocence beyond doubt. That makes them immune from doubt and suspicion. These immune players are highly problematic. Target them and take them down first. If you choose to prioritise killing other crewmates, that just means there will be more eyes on you.

The “Networker”

As an imposter, schmoozing your foes is important. If just one crewmate has your back 100% that counts for a huge amount. There are various ways to do this, from sabotaging something then fixing it in plain sight to vehemently defending a stranger’s innocence during an emergency meeting.

Remember: Keep your friends close but your enemies closer. That is, until it’s time to orchestrate their spacing.

The “Patient Pretender”

This one should be your bread and butter strategy for every game. When pretending to complete a task (of course, not a visual task, never a visual task), be sure to wait until the taskbar jumps up from another player completing a task before you move on.

If you fail to wait for the task bar to increase before moving from your spot, vigilant and observant crewmates will at best think you’re incompetent and at worse know that you’re an imposter.

The “AFK”

Now this one is as delightfully satisfying to pull off today as it was in the early days of Counter Strike. Simply pretend to be AFK (Away From Keyboard) and you won’t be suspected of any crimes. Now if there's a body right next to wait you've been stood still, that's suspicious. So we suggest standing still next to a vent and murdering on the other side of the map.

You’ll have to stay absolutely silent during Emergency Meetings. Not even a whisper.

The “Self-Reporting Stabber”

This one is as classic as it is simple. Report your own kills in an attempt to evidence your innocence. It’s risky but effective. Be prepared to unleash your inner thespian.

The “Butter Wouldn’t Melt”

Another classic strategy, simply pretend to be a newbie. “I was in that room with the engine machine thingies and the tools, I don’t know what it’s called - I was trying to do the task with the buttons!” Try to give as much information as possible but with few specifics and plenty of room for confusion.

They say you make your own luck, well this is how you make your own beginner’s luck. But be warned, we were all beginners once. Don’t overplay your naivety.

The “Sheeple”

Voting strategy is important. Unless you’re a master actor or you have rock-solid alibi generating skillz, you don’t want to draw too much attention to yourself. It’s normally best to vote with the group to build trust and only break with consensus once it’s time to strike.

The “Video Killed the Murderstar”

If you’re reading this Among Us advanced tips article, then you should certainly already know that you shouldn’t be committing murderous crimes when the blinking red light of a security camera is flashing. But that’s where many imposters stop their precautions; they would still enter an unwatched room and then vent out of it. And yet an observant CCTV watcher will be looking for just this behaviour. When cameras are on you, act normal.

The “WeWork”

Collaborate, cooperate, and synergise. An imposter double murder teamwork play can be highly effective. Collaborating with your fellow imposters is risky because it relies on them not to get caught as well as your own skills. But it also means you can have each other’s backs in emergency meetings and out in the field. You can support each other with sabotages, locking doors, cutting off escape routes, and more.

The side-to-side dance is the Among Us sign-language equivalent of saying “Are you ready for a multi-kill?”

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