On the verge of its third birthday, Scarlet Blade is going to be taken down due to stability and financial issues.

Scarlet Blade

On March 31, 2016, Scarlet Blade service will be discontinued. The main reason for its closure is a technical glitch that has prevented content updates and created server instability. A lack of financial resources has prevented the team from discovering the problem, and Aeria Games has decided to close the game because it cannot deliver the intended game experience.

Between now and March 31, Aeria Games is attempting to compensate players in a few different ways. All purchases made between January 1 and March 31 will be completely refunded to your Aeria Games account balance after April 4, 2016. Additionally, there will be a 500% bonus to drop rates and experience gain in Scarlet Blade until the game shuts down, and all web mall items are discounted to 1 AP beginning on February 29.

There’s also going to be a special package for players looking to transfer to Echo of Soul. Players who have at least one level 39 Scarlet Blade character, and logged in between September 1(2015) and February 25(2016), will be eligible for an Echo of Soul veterans package.

The Veteran Item Package includes:

  • Level 35 Jump Item - reach level 35 in just one mouse click!

  • Two powerful Jewel sets (+8 Dull and +5 Lucid jewels)

  • One consumable package to boost your character once more

  • One awesome Pirate costume, one furious Goldskin Tyrannus mount and a fluffy Chestnut Lemur pet

Our Thoughts:

Scarlet Blade is an MMORPG that catered to a very specific audience, and while this is unfortunate for its players attempting to keep a broken game running is an even bigger disservice. Although Echo of Soul doesn’t bring the same experience, at least Aeria Games is trying to rectify the situation a little.

Source: Aeria Games