Alongside our just-published New World review, here is a summary of the Q&A from the pre-beta preview. Overall we were impressed by the dev team who spoke a lot about listening to fan feedback and who knew their game well. We hope that attitude of listening to fans continues through New World’s (likely) long existence.

Amazon Games New World Q&A

Will there be an in-game store and will it result in buy-to-win?

There will be an in-game store, and at least at launch, the only items available will be cosmetic.

Will New World feature joystick compatibility?

New World is unlikely to be joystick compatible at launch, but the devs do think the combat would be a good fit and are investigating its implementation.

To what degree will New World be localized?

Amazon Games are working with localization partners around the globe to ensure content is localized. They specifically mentioned the hard work of their partners in Brazil.

Can you solo play New World?

New World is solo play compatible. Players can reach Level 60 in solo play, problem free. 90% of content has been designed to play solo. That said, it’s highly encouraged that players participate in group activity and some quests won’t be the same without it – “Players create more fun for other players.”

Will more weapons be introduced into New World?

Yes. New weapons have already been introduced over the course of the Alpha, and more can be expected to continually be introduced once the game is launched.

When does the New World Beta begin?

The New World Beta begins on July 20th.

When is the New World release date?

The New World release date is on August 31st

The New World map is huge, can players fast-travel?

Each territory has a couple of fast-travel points. In addition, inns and player-owned houses offer additional recall points that can be used every hour.

How will loot work in New World Expeditions?

Each expedition has a unique set of gear that could potential drop, this will be randomized each time. Players will likely need to repeat Expeditions to get the full set.

Will you be able to change Factions in New World?

Faction switching will be allowed but will be limited with a long-delay to encourage players to take their allegiances seriously. Players will not be able to switch to the winning faction.

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