Trion Worlds has announced that the next expansion for their popular MMORPG Archeage has gone live. The ArcheAge Ascension expansion includes a number of content additions and updates, including new PvP modes, higher level item limits, and more. To celebrate the release of Ascension, Trion is giving players new and old alike free in-game gifts and items.

Archeage Ascension

One of the highlights of the ArcheAge Ascension update is that players will now be able to create and run their own in-game nations. Players will be able to enter diplomatic relationships with other nations, levy taxes, and even survey their kingdoms from the back of a special Golden Wyvern flying mount. Players will also be able to build their guild castles larger than ever before, and build additions from farms to warehouses. Additionally, players will now be able to craft Tier 7 Obsidian items, and tier 5 and 6 Obsidian Items will now require fewer wisps to craft. And lastly, a number of PvP changes have been implemented, with Siege changes, an improved matchmaking system, and more.

Players who are interested in learning more about the exact nature of the changes that have been introduced with ArcheAge Ascension can read more about them on the Archeage Website's Ascension Page.

Trion is celebrating the launch of Ascension by giving out a number of gifts to players, with special gift packs for Loyal and Returning players. The Legendary Warrior Pack is a reward pack for players who had active ArcheAge accounts on May 31, 2016, and includes a number of special items including Legendary Coins, a supply chest, and more. The Homecoming Warrior pack is for players who have an ArcheAge account, but who have not played in at least 30 days, and likewise includes a bunch of special gifts and items. Additionally, other gifts, special quests, and more will be available in ArcheAge for a limited time.

Players should be sure to claim any reward items before the special Ascension event ends on June 28. Players can visit the ArcheAge Ascenscion event and gifts page on the ArcheAge website for a complete list of gift items and special events.

Our Thoughts:

Cool! This expansion brings a lot of new features and goodies, and the big boxes of free stuff is icing on the cake. The addition of nations you can build, control, and tax is really neat, too; we cannot help but wonder if/when players might be able to wage warfare between their respective kingdoms?

Source: ArcheAge official website

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