In ArcheAge's upcoming update you'll have the chance to serve as leaders for one of the following factions: Nuia, Haranya, or Pirate. The update, dubbed Heroes Awaken, allows the leaders, otherwise known as Heroes, to activate faction-wide quests and mobilize their followers into wide-scale warfare. But not until they have earned the respect and admiration of their peers.

ArcheAge Horse

The Path to Becoming a Hero

Each 30-day Hero Term will consist of two phases: a 3-week Candidacy period, followed by Election week.


All players have a chance to become Heroes by earning Leadership Points and increasing their Reputation. Once the 3 week candidacy period is over, the 20 players with the most Leadership Points will become official candidates for election. Leadership Points can be gained by participating in open world PvP, completing party and raid quests, and by earning Reputation from peers.


Reputation Points can be earned by participating in parties and raids. A player can only rate another player a total of 10 times in a single Hero Term though, and the maximum amount of Reputation that can be earned each day is limited to 70. It is of utter importance that you win the favor of your allies, because the Reputation that you acquire each day will award you with bonus Leadership Points.



On the first Wednesday of the month before the election, the 20 players with the most Leadership Points will be placed onto a ballot. Candidates who wish to withdraw from the ballot can do so until midnight the same day.

During the Election week, all players at level 30 or higher with at least 50 Leadership Points can cast one vote for a candidate of their faction. The 10 players who receive the most votes will become Heroes for the next 30 days. If you want to, you can bribe people into voting for you; everything is allowed.

Building a Council for War

The elected heroes will be the 10-member council for their faction in that month. Heroes will be broken up into four tiers, based on the voting results, with each tier earning a different cloak that grants a bunch of stamina in addition to a unique power. These are the 4 types of heroes you might serve as:

  • Erenor's Hero: This hero will lead each faction and will possess a radiant golden cloak that reduces cast time and increases cast speed for all faction members within 25m radius.

  • Ayanad Heroes: Two faction heroes will serve as Ayanads. The red aura that comes from their cloaks will increase skill damage for all faction members within a 25m radius.

  • Delphinad Heroes: This is the third tier of the hero system. Delphinad Heroes will wear luminous blue cloaks which will increase the movement speed of all faction members within a 25m radius.

  • Epherium Heroes: Last, but definitely not least; Heroes with the Epherium rank have access to white cloaks that will protect all faction members within a 25m radius from damage received.

Cloaks will expire automatically after every 30-day Hero Term and new cloaks will be sent to the next council of elected Heroes.

Pirate Faction Cloak

Mobilizing Your Faction

Heroes can also complete new daily quests from the Faction's Agent NPC located in their faction base. When you complete these quests, you will be rewarded with "Concentrated Hero Power".

Concentrated Hero Power activates randomized, faction-wide quests that are available for one week. It can also be used to activate Mobilization Orders, which notifies all faction members at level 30 or above with a certain amount of Leadership Points that a Hero requires their assistance in battle. Once you accept the invitation, you will instantly move to the hero's location and you will get a Warrior Medal.

These Mobilization Orders may only be used in location where Mobilization Banners appear, however. You can use Orders to overwhelm enemies with fresh forces and potentially turn the tide in battle. Be careful not to call for allies when there's no need for it though, as they might not come to your aid in the future if you keep sending them on useless missions.

The Hero System is only one part of Update 2.0: Heroes Awaken, but it's definitely a welcome addition.

Source: Trion Worlds Official Website