Trion has announced that they are introducing paid ArcheAge character transfers. A news post on the official ArcheAge site explains the costs and requirements in detail, and says that the character transfer service is scheduled to begin on Leap Day, February 29, 2016.

Archeage Character Transfers

The announcement explains that the transfer will cost 2700 credits, and that it may be purchased from the Glyph Store; this has the effect that the transfer can be purchased using only in-game credits. Transfers may be limited by server and faction populations, so at times, certain servers may be unavailable for transfer. The announcement outlines a number of restrictions which govern the transfer process: characters may only transfer once every 30 days, characters may not transfer across regions (so no transferring from EU to NA servers, for instance), if your character's name is in use on your destination server you must pick a new one, and many more. Players who are interested in knowing more about the transfer process, and in reading all of the restrictions and guidelines, should read the official announcement.

Our Thoughts:

The introduction of character transfer services are usually a sign that individual server populations are declining, but in this case, I think they've introduced the service just so players can, you know, switch servers if they wish; to our knowledge, ArcheAge is doing rather well. The fact the service can be paid for with in-game currency is really nice, too; kudos to Trion for that!

Source: Official Announcement Post