Just a few weeks after Trion was bought by Gamigo the ArcheAge community manager has been replaced after a racist comment on Discord. The community manager at the center of these events was Chemy, the German language community manager for the game. The incident took place over the weekend on an unofficial Discord where Chemy was responding to being called a dumb…N-word. In response, they responded and also used the word.

Gamigo responded quickly to the event taking place and on Monday posted to the official forums that Chemy is no longer a community manager for ArcheAge. Bonny, the Lead Community Manager stated that while Gamigo does want to be close to their players and approachable what happened over the weekend was unacceptable and that she should have “exercised restraint, professionalism, and intelligence.” Bonny then apologized on behalf of the community team and Gamigo, adding that she hopes the fans can forgive this first bad impression.

There has been no word yet on who will replace Chemy as the German community manager. Here’s Gamigo’s response to the situation in full.

Message from the Community Team

Dear ArcheAge players,

I would like to address what happened this weekend on Discord to you all. I have read your reactions in the forum. They are legitimate and understandable. I would like to tell you how we see things on our side.

We at gamigo want to be close to our players, we want to be approachable, here for you, and listen to you.

However, what happened this weekend was unacceptable. Chemy wanted to let you express your frustration and get to know you. Bonding is one thing, but we all agree that the CM should have exercised restraint, professionalism, and intelligence. It was never our intention to cause anyone distress.

We guarantee that her behavior is not representative of our company values nor of the quality of service we want to provide. Therefore, we took the necessary measures internally and Chemy is no longer CM for ArcheAge.

On behalf of the whole Community Team and gamigo, I sincerely apologize.

I hope you can forgive us this first bad impression.

Best regards,
Lead Community Manager

Source: Official Forums