Finally, after months of anticipation, Aeria Game's [Aura Kingdom]( released not one but two new classes. Everyone has been curious for some time since before the update, the locked class was merely displayed but not previewed when selected. Why curious? Since one of Aura Kingdom's feature is being able to choose a secondary class among the listed ones during character creation, this makes the whole gameplay a bit more complex. The main focus is which combination would be the most effective or which two could best compliment when rolled into one player.
It won't be surprising if a lot of Aura Kingdom players ended up "*rerolling*" or resetting their second class option or even making a whole new character assuming the two new ones could be a much more fitting choice as a main or a secondary. I myself am curious of how a Duelist - Brawler combo could turn out because aside from the fact that I do think that it would look pretty cool having dual blades and *katars* as weapons, but also the fact that the particularly popular crit/attack speed/evasion build is applicable to both classes.

For those interested in rerolling their second class choice for their existing character players, Aura Kingdom was nice enough to reset every one's Envoy's Path stats. Why is this important? I guess this benefits players level 40 and up the most since the higher the level your character is, the more gold you'll need to spend just to be able to relocate those points. Obviously enough that the reason for this free reset is to apply new skills into the graph, especially for the new class options.

Aura Kingdom Teaser Trailer:

## The Brawler Class

It is safe to say that Brawlers have a close comparison to Duelist, and like I mentioned above, having both as main and secondary choice for classes could prove quite the effective combo. It is stating quite the obvious when I say that most will want to try this combination, and perhaps what influences this idea the most is the allure that the Duelist class has already proven within the game: insane crits plus it out tanks the supposed tanking classes in the game (and like I mentioned before, you can't tank if you can barely keep aggro of the target). If the Duelist class alone is capable of this, what more if you can pair it up with another class that has practically the same capabilities?

Aura Kingdom Brawler Class

Fun Factor?

My first two assumptions were quite contradicting and they are probably not all too surprising for other players since they may also have the same idea how:

One. This combination could end up a little bit over powered, but then again it is never a bad idea in any game, particularly if one's main goal is to compete with everyone else.

Two. It is all too predictable. Add the fact that Brawlers has the potential to be OP (over powered). I have a feeling that some may find the endgame a bit boring, chiefly for this particular combo since there won't be much room for challenge. As long as your Brawler is properly or even at least decently geared, then you're good to go. Also the demand for this potential over powered class/combination may explode putting others, particularly Ravagers, at risk.

Aura Kingdom

If we lay down the two side by side, it isn't so hard to see how their stats are almost the same. How when combined, they fill up each other's handicap. It virtually shows how the Duelist-Brawler combination is possibly the almost perfect lay out for the melee type in game. Ergo, that OP issue is much closer to being a solid game fact in Aura Kingdom. If some of you are wondering why I keep putting these two together when there are ten different classes to choose from, it is because any experienced gamer will see this combination and instantly pick it. Of course, there will be others who are a bit more creative and will choose a different combination of classes. Perhaps for the sake of making the game more challenging for themselves.

Potentially Over Powered

Everyone looks for The Fun Factor, and playing any fist type class has always been one of my top three choices alongside Mage and Archer because it is fun. But in any game, there are bound to be complaints whenever there is an issue of anything that poses considerable imbalance in a game specially when it is the character class itself. I went through the same issue with Ragnarok Online 2 when it first came out and they eventually "nerfed" the Sorcerer class which turned mine into a pathetic vegetable. I have got to say I hated it, I had to spend quite a lot just to reset both my stat and skill points, purchase new gears to adjust to my new build and what's worse, I still ended up abandoning it in the end because it didn't feel right anymore. Aside from real money wasted, months of effort went down the drain as well. So what kills the fun factor in any game:

One. Imbalanced game

Two. QQ-ers (those people that just loves to complain)

Three. Time and Money wasted because of a poorly balanced game.

The Ranger Class : Battle Bow

This one came as a surprise and a pleasant one at that. Since for some time, we only assumed that only one was going to be added to the list. The Battle Bow class is a very hearty alternate to the Grenadier or even the Gunslinger. I guess the first of the few questions that comes to mind is if this new class fitting to be a main or secondary and what are the classes most suitable to go alongside this one.

Ranged Classes

It is but normal to initially consider combining the Battle Bow class alongside another Ranged class as either a main or a secondary choice to maximize its efficiency. The Battle Bow class is yet to be defined, meaning more room for creativity and experimentation as to which classes are suitable to pair it with.

Aura Kingdom

Testing out the Battle Bow class was quite interesting and refreshing for me. Nothing like a Bow class to completely satisfy the distinction of being a true ranged class for me. I immediately noticed a few things during the first few levels, how it can be as powerful as a Grenadier and quicker than a Gunslinger. Its defense is quite poor, then again a bow class in any game is never built for defense. It has powerful damaging skills that you can either use instantly or hold down the hotkey to charge. In PvE, a normal target goes down in one to two charged shots. If a Grenadier's attack speed can still be improved to quite nicely through stats and gear, what more the speed of the Battle Bow class that is almost or possibly even more powerful than the Grenadier?

So which to pick? It's natural to try out the rest of the ranged classes first, if a player's aim is to make his/her character the ultimate ranged damage dealer in the game. This means the initial choice would be choosing your main and secondary classes in the same category. But if I were to choose between the other two as to which one should be paired up with the Battle Bow class as main, I'd probably go with Grenadier.

Battle Bow and Grenadier

Why Grenadier? Based on the image, they best complement each other. They both cover for each other's weakness like healing, defense and support skills. Damage wise, it is unquestionable. This make up can perhaps is most suitable for a sustaining pure ranged class player specially if equipped with an Eidolon with healing and support skills. By category, choosing a ranged class means you prefer damage - hence focus on being able to do as much damage as you can and destroy the target before it can come anywhere near you.

Hybrid: Battle Bow and Bard

This is perhaps one of the best hybrid build anyone can go for, right next to the Guardian-Bard class combination. I heard that some said that on the long run, the Battle Bow class' defense will pose as a problem since you can't ultimately assume that you can kill every target before they get too close. Another fact is that there are targets that fight long ranged too and let's not forget how the more capable of damaging your character is, the greater the risk of you taking the aggro of that particular target. So if you have horrible defense or if the healers in your party are not that quick, then it is absolutely going to suck for you. If you can't particularly rely on others, then you only have yourself.

Aura Kingdom

Going Hybrid as a support/healer may just be the perfect set up. I have seen quite a number of players going Grenadier/Bard breezing through quests and levels. Which makes me wonder if going Bard as a main and Battle Bow as secondary would prove much difference? Take note that you can't assume that your secondary class will be able to function 100% - it is called "secondary" for a reason just like how teams prefer to recruit a healer that has Bard as their main and not their secondary class.

Aura Kingdom

In any case, both classes are quite interesting and you'll have to try them out just to have a proper feel on what exactly they can be capable of. Aside from this particular update, there are also other fun tidbits like the new fishing feature. For more information on what's new in Aeria Game's Aura Kingdom, you can check out their site here or refer to their FB page. Thanks and have fun gaming!

Aura Kingdom Classes trailer: