It’s been a super-effective launch week for Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl (BDSP). The long-awaited Diamond and Pearl remakes have enjoyed the second-biggest launch of the year. And to top it off, the community has banded together to create a BDSP version exclusive trade network to help one another 100% that Pokédex without the need for IRL friends. Modern problems require modern solutions, after all.

Pokémon Beats COD

In their first week, BDSP have become the new UK number one whilst storming ahead of Call of Duty: Vanguard and Battlefield 2042 in physical sales. Whilst the highest-grossing media franchise failed to knock the indomitable FIFA from its customary top-spot, the news may come as no surprise to many given that Activision are still mired in controversy and Battlefield 2042 has generally been poorly received.

With that being said, the cutesy remakes aren’t without their own contingent of naysayers. With many series fans directing criticisms at everything from its forced EXP share to its change in artstyle. However, if there’s one thing that is forever certain in ‘fan-favourite’ video games, it’s that each instalment will never be every fan’s favourite.

BDSP Version exclusive trade system

BDSP Version Exclusive Trade System

But with new problems come resourceful solutions to very, very old ones. For too long, lonely Pokémon players who don’t happen to have a friend nearby with every version exclusive Pokémon in their PC on hand for a trade have felt the pain of never being able to ‘catch ‘em all’. But times have changed with the advent of online trades.

Popular Pokémon player Austin John Plays has taken the initiative to rally the community in coming up with a ‘trade system’ to help everyone get that sweet 100%. The system uses a list of codes that will convey what the player will be trading and what they would like in return. This will result in quick-and-easy trades without the need for prior communication.

The system depends on a level of trust and etiquette, so don’t be too surprised if you find yourself well-and-truly trolled whilst using it. But we have faith that, for the most part, people will help each other out. So be sure to check out AJP’s list of codes if you’re on the hunt for a BDSP version exclusive trade in future. is committed to bringing you all the freshest, funniest, and most insightful MMO news. If you enjoyed this content, why not share it with your community? And make sure that you never miss our updates and exclusive giveaways by following and favouriting us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.