The lead developer for Beasts of Prey has announced that development on the dinosaur-themed sandbox survival game has been cancelled. The game has been removed from Steam, and the developer has offered the project for sale, should anyone wish to pursue further development and publication.

Beasts of Prey

Beasts of Prey was the work of a single developer, who identified himself as "Burnz" in his correspondence to fans and players on Steam. In the cancellation announcement post, Burnz thanked the community for their support and their belief in the project; "
I wanted to thank also those of you who always supported me and helped with the development of this game." He explained that the workload of producing the game himself was simply too great; "Beasts of Prey has been my first game and i was always too passionate about it to let anyone else work on it - this was a big mistake as a project of this size cannot be managed by a single person, i realize that now and i am deeply sorry for not taking the right actions when there was still the option to pull things around."

Our Thoughts:

The official announcement that development was being cancelled was made on February 29, but as the forum thread continues to generate responses, we decided to cover it; Beasts of Prey was a popular project. Starting a game, particularly one as big as this, is a huge undertaking, and it is simply an immense amount of work for one person to take on. However, even a cancelled project teaches the developer a lot, and the Indie community needs all the outgoing, inventive developers it can get. We hope Burnz continues developing games.

Source: Official Announcement Post on Steam