That is a very real headline I just typed on a Wednesday morning. You'd think I was still dreaming, or maybe drunk. You would be wrong. The unofficial Bernie Sanders Second Life headquarters are very much under siege from griefing Trump supporters, and likely a few hangers-on who find the whole thing funny.

What exactly is going on here? Like, Really Now..

So there's a big population in Second Life who don't merely use the client for naked fun times. Again, that is a very real thing I just typed.. One group of supporters of US presidential candidate Bernie Sanders have set up a pretty impressive headquarters within Second Life where they sit around and chat. Now wouldn't that have been a nice headline? Sadly it had to be ruined by griefers and what could have been a nice day in Second Life, sat around the Roman-themed hangout set up in a nice, peaceful meadow quickly became overshadowed.

There are multiple reports of Trump-supporting swastika flags, invading demons that flew around a Sanders rally endlessly spamming "TRUMP! LOL" with a healthy dose of racist slurs and bigotry thrown in for good measure, and the pièce de résistance - a giant Trump billboard that shoots fireworks into the sky in mockery of being barred from entering the Sanders headquarters. You've gotta hand it to them, wherever your political allegiances lie, these Trump supporters certainly know how to leave a mark.

Credit: New World Notes Credit: New World Notes

Our Thoughts

I'm not even sure where to begin right now. I mean, I'm not surprised that somebody in Second Life did something utterly bizarre. None of us are. And I quote: It's never "Oh I was in Second Life and I saw some dudes sitting." It's just.. I suppose we anticipated a little more nudity and less random bigotry. Kudos for the demons, though. That's just freaking weird.

Credit: New World Notes ; Featured Image Credit: Washington Liberals