BetaDwarf is about as Indie a studio as it gets. For years, they squatted illegally in an old-school in Denmark – making it their home and their game studio; with barely enough money to eat, let alone design an MMO, they placed all their bets on a dream. That dream? Create a game that would combat loneliness - a pandemic in its own right. Welcome, Project F4E – the working title for their coop PvE MMO with MOBA mechanics and rogue-like replayability. Unlike most MMOs, F4E is designed to keep friendships going even when players level-up asynchronously. And that's not the only trick they have up their sleeve to help gamers play and grow together.

Loneliness has been stated as the newest epidemic to hit our generation. It's not as dangerous as Covid-19, but we still have to anticipate it. Moreover, the pandemic has made loneliness worse. In fact, the pandemic made loneliness worse! According to a recent report by Cigna insurance, nearly 9 million people in the UK and more than 60% of people in the USA have stated that they are lonely or left out, poorly understood, and lacking companionship. Loneliness is a driver that can lead to heavier mental health issues such as anxiety and depression but video games are a medium that has been proven to help mental health.

We at BetaDwarf are on a mission to help alleviate loneliness through video games, so we’re creating a game that focuses on creating strong connections with fellow gamers. Research suggests that two strangers can become casual friends after around 50 hours of shared activity, and beyond 200 hours they are likely to become close friends.

Playing MMOs with our friends is one of the best experiences, yet more often than not, either us or our friends out-level us thus stunting our play-time with them. We have found an intuitive way where players can continuously enjoy the game at their own pace and play with their friends at any stage of the game which will continue to foster those relationships we strive to create.

One example of how we’re trying to help create those bonds is the Friendship funnel which matches you with the players you already enjoyed playing with, turning strangers into acquaintances. From there they go on missions together, become friends, and with a wealth of other initiatives, form a deep connection through what we want to be a shared hobby.

Everyone in the team is an avid video gamer and we’ve come from a long line of nerds. Our heart goes to game genres like MMOs and MOBAs (but due to our old age our MOBA careers are starting to stagnate). We understand how hard it can be for people of all ages to keep up with games like MOBAs and MMOs due to the time investment they need, so we wanted to make a game that targets this audience and where players even with 15 mins a day can have meaningful and fulfilling experiences.

The game is an MMO, Co-op/PVE game with MOBA controls and the replayability of rogue-likes! We captured the best parts of an MMO game and identified MOBA type mechanics to create an experience that players can continuously enjoy forever.

Journey through Rift Barriers, visit the Enchanted Forest or fight the Scrat in the Desert part of the world. Project F4E promises an immersive and challenging experience that creates fellowships with players.

We’re very excited and passionate about Project F4E, and with your help, we can create a game that will create experiences that last a lifetime. Video games are becoming part of our culture, and traditions are now being formed around how video games are played. We’re trying to give it the best start by introducing “Friendshipping” which will level up the experience.

We want to give everyone the opportunity to come and help us build this game together! Here’s a unique link just for your readers to join our Discord and claim their free Steam key that unlocks Project F4E forever!

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