While many mourn the death of City of Heroes or otherwise wait for any number of legacy projects to form into an actually playable game, Champions Online has been rolling on for nine years now, and the devs are ready to celebrate the Champions Online ninth anniversary in the most obvious way possible: rescuing cats from trees.

champions online ninth anniversary

Yes, the ninth anniversary of Champions Online will let the heroes of Millenium City do the most heroic thing they possibly can by rescuing cats that have found themselves stuck in trees around the map. If players rescue enough kitty friends, they'll receive access to new feline pets each week.

If rescuing cats isn't somehow your thing (you monster), then there's also going to be a humongous in-game cake in the center of town, which marks the spot for a dance party players can have fun in. There will also be regular challenges for players to tackle.

The party runs all month long from now until September 27th. Further details are expected to be shared on the game's website starting next week, but initial details can be found here for the time being.

Our Thoughts

Nine lives, nine years...get it? Hah! Puns. We would like to congratulate the folks at Champions Online for a nine year run. Honestly, we were surprised at the length of time this particular superheroic MMO has been running, but clearly it has its fans and we hope those fans enjoy the in-game celebration. And we also hope they save all the cats.

Source: press release