According to a new blog post from Missing Worlds Media City of Titans raised an additional $49,000 from the Second Chance crowdfunding campaign over the last two weeks.

This campaign has given those who missed out on the Kickstarter campaign back in 2013 the opportunity to donate and receive the same pledge opportunities that were offered then. Thanks to the Second Chance 457 new backers have donated to City of Titans. On top of that, an additional 95 original backers have taken the opportunity to upgrade their original donation. In all approximately $49,700 has been raised in these two weeks.

In a newly released blog post, Missing Worlds Media has outlined what they plan to do with that money. Though it should be noted before I list them out that half of what is received will be set aside for taxes and other assorted administrative fees. The list of funding goals below (taken directly from the blog post) starts after those deductions.

$10,000: This level of funding allows us to pay the fees and charges necessary to continue developing the game. This includes server costs, licensing fees, and other mandatory costs associated with development.

$10,000-$20,000: With this amount of funding, we were planning to engage the services of a dedicated costume artist for up to 10 weeks. We managed to be more efficient than we thought, and have both a costume artist and a coder on a more permanent basis than before. You should see the results in the first patch for the standalone fairly shortly - we’re working on bringing the missing female patterns into the game.

$20,000-$30,000: At this level, we’ll be able to bring in a dedicated landscape artist for up to 10 weeks. Like the costume artist above, this is a tricky skill set that will help us accelerate our existing work.

$30,000-$40,000: Funding at this level will enable us to upgrade development software and hardware.

$40,000+: At this level and beyond, we’ll be able to do more of the above. We’ll be able to bring in more specialist developers, add more system capability, and be able to do more of the things that will enhance the work that we’ve already accomplished.

Source: Official Blog Post