Welcome to the FFXIV Community Spotlight column! This column runs parallel with the Echoes of Eorzea series of articles and aims to highlight and show appreciation to members of our community who go that extra mile to create content, promote FFXIV or organize projects for us to enjoy, usually in their own time and for free. Today we talk to streamer Tua, primarily a Final Fantasy XIV streamer and Twitch partner from Finland.

tua stream

Originally introduced to me by a mutual friend, I've come to both admire and respect Tua for her dedication to her stream and community. She is an incredibly kind, open and grounded person whose streams embody those qualities.

Not only does Tua stream four nights a week, she also holds down a full time job as a graphic designer. Along-side this, she is a self confessed geek with a love for a wide variety of RPGs and her two adorable cats, Jimmy and Mustis, who are often on screen with their very own dedicated cat-cam. To add to all this, Tua is a GPose wizard and has very kindly provided the majority of images used for this article, thank you Tua!

Tua Teatime - Odin (EU). Image credit: Tua.

Final Fantasy XIV has been Tua's main game for over four years, where she currently plays a Mi'qote Scholar (among many other jobs) by the name of Tua Teatime on Odin server (EU).

If you'd like to learn more about Tua please drop by her channel for some tea and friendly company!
A link to Tua's channel can be found here.


How long have you played FFXIV and why did you begin?

I bought the game back in 2010 but the 1.0 version barely ran on my PC, so I didn't get to play it much back then. I returned for the ARR betas in 2013, fell in love with the new version and have been playing non-stop ever since! I'm an MMO junkie, and until FFXIV I tended to switch games every few years, but since 2013 no other MMO has captured my interest.

tua stream

What is your favorite class/job and why?

I alternate between ranged DPS and shield healers. I was a Bard main in ARR, went Machinist in Heavensward, and now in Stormblood I've become a Scholar and Nocturnal Astrologian main. I'm dabbling in Red Mage now as well, I really love the weaving of melee and ranged attacks! I've always loved support-type classes in games, those that aren't necessarily the highest damage dealers or pure HP-whack-a-mole healers, but offer different kinds of buffs and shields to party members.

What is your favorite in-game activity(ies) and why?

I love farming Extreme trials, and running 8-man and 24-man content in general. I love having many different jobs working together, and the music and mechanics in Extreme and Savage are so cool.

[caption id="attachment_235770" align="aligncenter" width="560"]tua stream Image credit: Tua.[/caption]

Is there any area of the game that you feel could be improved?

Right now I feel we're missing challenging 4-man content, but perhaps the new Heaven-on-high will fill this void. I wish there were "Savage" versions of some dungeons though. Vault Savage, make it happen!

Where is your favorite in game location, and why?

Probably the Namazu beast tribe location right now! Everyone's just goofing around there and having a good time. Plus the mount is all kinds of adorbs and people are having so much fun with it there.

About Streaming

How would you summarize your stream to someone visiting your channel for the first time?

I'm a chill cat lady geek, playing different jobs (and way too many alts) on stream, and petting two super cute cats that are the true stars of the show.

[caption id="attachment_235757" align="aligncenter" width="560"]tua stream One of Tua's streams in action.[/caption]

What does an average 'day in the life of Tua' consist of?

Eight hours of work (my day job as a graphic designer), then hurrying home, preparing to stream, then sitting at my PC for 4-5 hours streaming and being a general dork in FFXIV or other games.

What does your streaming schedule look like?

Four times a week, from 5pm UK time onward!

When did you first decide to start streaming, and why? Did anything/one inspire you to take it up?

My PC broke shortly after Heavensward launched, so I started watching streams on my PS4 to kill time, and realized they were something I could try as well.

What does your stream setup consist of?

It's a single-PC setup, three monitors, two webcams, lots of bright lights, a DIY green screen that sometimes falls on my head, a Nintendo Switch and some PlayStations. I use OBS as my streaming software, and I make all my layouts, alerts and other stream graphics myself.

Tua's PC setup:
CPU i7 6850k
GPU GeForce GTX 1070
29" Ultrawide, 23" & Cintiq 13HD monitors
Logitech G600 mouse, G710+ keyboard
Logitech C920 webcam
AT2035 Microphone
DIY Green Screen & Lights
Micomsoft SC-512N1-L/DVI capture card

Tell us about your journey to becoming a Twitch Partner

I'm a casual streamer, since my day job eats most of my time and energy. I worked a lot on my stream in 2016, focusing on events and production value. Even though I didn't feel ready for it, I sent my application on a whim later that year... and during my Christmas vacation in Sweden, I finally got a reply email that I'd been accepted.

[caption id="attachment_235759" align="aligncenter" width="560"]tua stream Image credit: Tua.[/caption]

What changed for you and your stream when you became a Twitch Partner?

I feel like the biggest change was that massive confidence boost, that I was over that uncertainty of "am I good enough, or am I not." The most practical change was being able to provide more for my viewers with the tools and benefits that partners get, and lots of networking and new opportunities behind the scenes.

How do you prepare for each stream?

I try and eat a decent meal before every stream while preparing my setup (turning on lights, aligning my greenscreen). I make a unique start image for each stream I do, I post them on social media and they're also a good way for me to keep track of my streams. Then I make a big cup of tea, sit down and start the 10-minute pre-stream slideshow.

[caption id="attachment_235769" align="aligncenter" width="560"]tua stream Image credit: Tua.[/caption]

What parts of FFXIV do you focus during your streams and why?

I prefer running 8-man content, it's a good party size that's easy to fill with friends, stream viewers and random guests through the Party Finder. I try to mix max-level content with some lowbie and alt leveling as well, especially since it's easier to chat with people while doing more chill things.

What other games do you enjoy streaming aside from FFXIV?

I dabble in other MMOs sometimes, especially my old love Lord of the Rings Online. I also love other Final Fantasy games, and gorgeous story-heavy games like Nier Automata and Shadow of the Colossus.

How do you stay so down to earth with so many viewers and a chat that is moving so quickly?

I try to take breaks to catch up with the chat if I miss out on too many lines while focusing on a difficult fight, but it's not easy!

[caption id="attachment_235762" align="aligncenter" width="560"]tua stream Image credit: Tua.[/caption]

Have there been significant challenges or hurdles for you to overcome?

Being confident on camera was my first biggest challenge! I was really afraid of trolls and nasty comments. Another thing that's been difficult, and something I still struggle with, is getting over the occasional disappointments, mistakes and anger while being on camera, and maintaining a positive and cheerful atmosphere.

If/when you have difficult days, what drives you to keep streaming?

I know that streaming itself is so much fun that it can usually turn a lousy day around, if I just get myself to start!

Can you tell us a bit about your stream/Discord community?

We like glamours, screenshots, and cute animals!

[caption id="attachment_235774" align="aligncenter" width="472"]tua stream Streaming star kitties Jimmy and Mustis! Image credit: Tua.[/caption]

Note: A link to Tua's Discord server community can he found here.

What aspirations do you have for your stream and FFXIV future?

Not going to lie, I would love to try streaming full-time. As for FFXIV... see you at the Paris Fanfest!

What has been the most positive thing to come from this journey so far?

Realizing that I, as a shy and dorky nerd, can actually show myself doing dorky things online and being sort of good at it. It's a massive confidence boost. Playing video games with cool people is a plus, too.

What advise would you give to other streamers who aspire to follow in your footsteps?

Watch other streams and try to create the sort of stream you'd enjoy watching yourself. Even if you don't feel like it, pretend you're streaming to at least 50 people watching!

tua stream

Is there anything you would like to add?

Thank you for the awesome work you do in the community ♥

Reply: You are most welcome, but thank you for giving your time freely for this article especially with such a busy schedule and other pressures of the time.

## Final Thoughts

Lots of thank you's and kitty hugs to Tua for taking the time to share an insight into her life. We all wish you the very best for your streaming endeavors! Not only do I feel it important to highlight community activities through this column, but as a (very mediocre) streamer I've derived a lot of useful, interesting and encouraging information within this article, and my hope is that others will too!


Tua's Twitch Channel
Tua's Twitter Page
Tua's Discord Server

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