Just one week left until the Wargaming.net World of Tanks Grand Finals 2016 take place in Warsaw, Poland which has now been dubbed the new capital of competitive gaming. Starting on April 8, the city will be hosting the biggest Wargaming eSports event of the year featuring 12 teams from across the globe who will duke it out on the battlefield.

It wouldn't be a true Wargaming.net event without the opportunity to make a personal connection to actual history. Outside the Torwar Hall there will be a T-34-85 and an M4A1 Sherman for the tank enthusiasts, offering a great opportunity for some epic photographs. Additionally just like previous years the entry is entirely free and fans who register for the event - there are a few places left - will receive a special gift: a Premium British Tier 5 heavy tank Excelsior! To really maximize your Grand Finals experience, take this last chance to get a Premium Ticket, which allows entrance to the venue one hour before other visitors, fast queuing, a dedicated premium seat in front of the action and a collection of tanks: the Premium British Tier 5 heavy Excelsior, the Tier 8 Premium heavy IS-3A, the unique Grand Finals M 41 90 GF and more.

World of tanks Grand Finals 2016

Getting ready to meet on the digital battlefield for an epic showdown are several usual suspects including reigning champions Natus Vincere (Na'Vi), last year's silver finalists EL Gaming (representing Asia) and the League's Gold Series S2 runners-up Not So Serious Team. Relative newcomers on the block are Gold Bass from Asia and the Red Canids - the first Brazilian team to attend. Defending home base in the EU are the two giants: Wombats on Tanks and Tornado.RoX who already met each other last year. Finally, from across the pond former Silver League Champions eClipse and veteran team SIMP represent North America. This year's wildcards are Yato from China, Kazna Kru from the EU and also the Red Canids.

Make sure to join the Grand Finals Live Streaming on YouTube, Twitch and Hitbox for all the main stage and second stage action!

Source: Hardcoregamer.com