If you're a regular player of the multiplayer vehicular combat battler Crossout, you're probably already familiar with the titanic Leviathans that usually are bosses for the game's PvE modes. But what would it be like to actually pilot one of these behemoths? Enter Crossout Leviathan Mode.

crossout leviathan mode

The new Clan Wars game mode will be a 4v4 dust-up between clans, with each Clan leader or group leader taking control of their own custom-built Leviathans and the remaining team members arriving as fire support in their own regular vehicles. These battles will be ranked, with the top 30 Clans getting some handsome Uranium rewards at the end of each week.

As one would expect, Leviathan-class creations have their own unique benefits and stats, with the ability to carry significantly more of everything a regular vehicle can as well as field unique weapons, armor, and support systems like shield generators and drones.

The update has also brought some other fixes and items to the game, so be sure to head to the patch notes for all of those details.

Our Thoughts

...awe, only one Leviathan per side? Well, that does make a bit of sense, considering having these lumbering metal behemoths populate the entire team would probably make for a slow fight. Still, the idea of giant wasteland killing machines clashing with one another is pretty intriguing sounding. Like Battlebots in video game form and with significantly more interesting weaponry.

Source: press release

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