Character progression in Crowfall has mostly been about utilizing passive training and the Discipline system. With the introduction of a new Crowfall talent tree system, however, things are looking to get a whole lot more in-depth.

crowfall talent tree

The talent trees in Crowfall sound a lot like other talent tree systems you've encountered in other MMOs; you spend points to improve stats and spend points to unlock new abilities and skills. The number of points you've got available to you are limited, meaning you've got to choose a solid direction to follow.

These branches in the tree read a lot like specs in games like WoW in that the trees lead to three different flavors of an existing class, such as a Ranger that can either specialize in archery, dual-wielding, or stealth.

According to details in an interview with, the devs are looking at making character builds highly customizable; the combination of tree talents and Disciplines are meant to be a form of mental puzzle. "When you find a great combination, it is incredibly rewarding," remarked Crowfall's J. Todd Coleman.

This new talent tree system is reportedly already built and is headed to the game's test environment soon. You can get more information in said interview right here as well as take a look at the system in brief in the video below.

Our Thoughts

While adding a talent tree system on its own isn't what one would call groundbreaking, the combination of this tree system with Crowfall's existing character progression systems could make for a truly unique form of character customization. Of course, the question then becomes how hard the gatekeeping will be when it comes to PvP or crafting builds and whether PvP balance will make things homogenized to the point of worthlessness.