Most of the Neverwinter fanbase is still on fire regarding the Barovia Hunt ban wave that hit the game this past weekend against users of a known exploit. Now, Cryptic Studios has issued a statement elaborating on what it says are additional measures taken to warn players.

barovia hunt ban wave

According to the statement, the September 12th posting on the website was not the only warning granted to Neverwinter players:

"Players were notified about the exploit and abuse consequences via an official statement from our Community Manager on the Forums, which was also replicated on Reddit."

The problem with Cryptic's action, as detailed by one of our commenters, is that the exploit in question was three months old and was ignored by the devs. It was only after the exploit got out of hand that they decided to fix it as well as take action against those who used it according to the player's claim.

Regardless, Cryptic appears to be using its terms of service as an explanation for its action and directs those who wish to dispute any ban on their account to contact the customer service team.

Our Thoughts

So the dispute here, then, appears to be the fact that the alert against use of the exploit was not early enough. Still, if Cryptic knew about an exploit for that long, then so did the players, which speaks a bit more to that "willful ignorance" thing we mentioned in the original report. Unless, as before, players genuinely assumed that the exploit was the way Barovia Hunts were meant to be played. Still, we'd rather that Cryptic handled this a bit more delicately with more carefully targeted bans.