How long would a deadly disease outbreak take to send the entire world into chaos? The End of Society Simulator for Tom Clancy’s The Division calculates the spread of a new strain of smallpox.

he Division End of Society sim

The Division takes place in New York City during the aftermath of a deadly new strain of smallpox outbreak, the Variola Chimera virus. It’s the player’s job to restore order as a member of a classified unit of tactical agents, but what happened to put the world in such a state?

With the End of Society Simulator, players can make choices in their home town that track the spread of the virus and ultimately send the world into collapse. It took me just 26 days to create global disorder.

“Based on the fictive yet realistic storyline of Tom Clancy’s The Division, Collapse is an end of society simulator that uses real data to create a hyper-personalised experience of events to set the scene before the game’s launch on 8 March 2016. Through a sequence of interactive storytelling, Collapse takes you through the consequences of the fictional variola chimera pandemic, demonstrating how quickly the cities and society that we take for granted can fall.”

If you’re interested in seeing the spread of smallpox from your home town, visit the simulator here.

Our Thoughts:

Although it’s rather interesting to see how a deadly virus would spread on the global level, the simulator doesn’t exactly give the best options. After attempts from multiple locations, the choices are still fairly similar and lead to about the same results.

Source: Ubisoft