Happy Easter from MMOGames.com, we hope that you’ve been enjoying your very own treasure trove of chocolates. But whether or not you’re gorging in real life, voxel MMO Trove is currently dishing out some treats of their own. With a special Trove Easter event carrying on until 12th April and some seasonal discounts to take advantage of, players can indulge in some cube-shaped festivities for another week.

From now until 12th April, Bunfest 21 is underway. By hopping over to the event area of the hub, players can grab Bunfest-Qubesley’s rabbit foot in friendship. He and his bun-friends have plenty of quests for players to partake in, filling your coffers with Bunfest Tokens, Bunfeed and, of course, delicious chocolate by way of reward. Use these rewards to craft special recipes including last year’s craftable rewards as Legacy Bunfest items.

Trove Easter

Alongside bunnies and chocolates, an egg hunt is also underway to complete the Easter trifecta. Special Egg Dungeons can be found in Candoria, Fae Forest, Medieval Highlands, and Geode Topside - including a Bunfest delve containing their own rare rewards. Eggs can contain a number of items including any one of four mounts or a mag-rider.

Plus - as many of us are more concerned with the various springtime sales than egg-shaped confectionery - Trove is also laying out their own discounts. From now until 6th April 11:00am UTC, players can take advantage of the following:

  • 50 Dragon Coin Boost: 10% off

  • 100 Dragon Coin Boost: 15% off

  • 250 Dragon Coin Boost: 20% off

  • Greater Dragon Cache: 10% off

  • 11 Greater Dragon Caches: 15% off

  • 33 Greater Dragon Caches: 20% off

  • 30% off Dark Fae, Ice Cold, Bee Trickster, F43 Trickster, Guardian Angel, and Night Owl Fae Trickster costumes.

So grab your baskets and hoard your weight in Trove Easter goodies while you can, and hop over to the official event page for all the info. Happy hunting!

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