This week’s Feelgood Friday is about as wholesome as can be. It’s not every day you hear of senior citizens in the media actually promoting video games instead of doing the opposite. Let alone hearing of senior citizens that are actively engaging with our favourite pastime and reaching out to young pros for aid. But Bruce and Karen Klein have bucked that trend. And melted our hearts in the process.

About a month ago, the plight of two elderly gamers hit headlines as their Craigslist ad calling for a “PS4 pro Games Tutor” went viral thanks to Reddit user u/One_Eyed_Man. The heartwarming listing requested “a personal tutor to come to our home and teach us how to play PS4 games - particularly The Last of Us - Part II - which we are having trouble with.”

Given that the couple were requesting a 2-3 hour weekly session, the call-out going viral meant nothing if it didn’t reach a willing tutor within their area. Inevitably, however, it did. And now many Reddit users’ demands for an update have been met, thanks to Kotaku deciding to catch up with the pair.

In fact, 81-year-old Bruce and 79-year-old Karen interviewed a few candidates before settling on 21-year-old Jesse, AKA WeekendFeel on Reddit. Their criteria centered around patience - “because teaching gaming to a couple of older folks is not the easiest thing,” said Bruce.

Since his successful application, Jesse has been teaching Bruce and Karen twice a week. But while they have been making steady progress, Jesse doesn’t yet believe they are quite at a level where they can be left alone. However, one notable boon during their lessons has been the accessibility features provided by the Naughty Dog title.

As of now, the elderly gamers are taking a hiatus from TLOU2 in favour of less intense titles such as Detroit: Become Human, Destroy All Humans and (get this) Grand Theft Auto 5. Needless to say, they’re having a barrel of laughs in the process. Short of throwing in the towel, however, Bruce even has grand designs to one day play competitively against his younger peers. And we wish them the best of luck.

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