We don’t hear of Entropia Universe very often these days - it is 12 years old after all - but today they have revealed that the Massively Multiplayer Online Real Cash Economy game is going to be optimized for virtual reality.

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The Entropia Universe platform will fully support the Oculus Rift Development Kit 2 (DK2), Valve and HTC’s SteamVR, as well as other immersive virtual reality platforms, bringing real cash gaming to virtual reality. David Simmonds, Entropia Universe AB’s head of business development, said the following:

“With Facebook’s Acquisition of Oculus and Valve producing its own immersive experience with HTC, Virtual Reality is on the threshold of becoming the great entertainment medium of the new millennium.”

This virtual reality support will allow Entropia Universe to provide developers with solutions for virtual game and application monetization as well as its own multi-planet universe. As Entropia Universe has had so many years of experience with virtual monetization winning awards and breaking Guinness World Records for most valuable virtual goods, they fully believe that they can play an essential role in the monetization of Virtual Reality within online gaming.

You can play the multi-world game for free at Entropia Universe.

Source: Press release