Final Fantasy XIV is an MMO that has never shied away from the quirky or unusual. While the main story line has moments of humor and emotion, it's generally pretty solid and serious. So, the team seems to make up for it by going all out in the yearly festivals and events.

I've seen everything from arguments about horsebirds to wearing Hatching-tide eggs on my head. The newest cross-over event introduced the world of Yo-kai to Eorzea. So why not go even a little bit quirkier, I suppose?


A Super Sentai Moonfire Faire

The Moonfire Faire is the seasonal summer event in FFXIV. It's meant to celebrate the remembrance of how the brave members of the Adventurer Guild defended the realm from the dangerous bombard invasion. Usually, we have events that focus on summery themes, such as bathing suits, the beach and fun in the sun. This year, for better or worse, someone has decided to switch it up a bit.

Enter the current Super Sentai event. In Japan, this is a term for a specific genre of shows that form the foundation of the popular series, the Power Rangers. In fact, everything about the Moonfire Faire's theme, including all of the rewards, are a parody of Power Rangers.

Instead, Eorzea has Posing Rangers, which is a play on the dramatic, over-the-top crime fighting poses you often see in a Sentai show. Rewards for the event include a full set of Posing Ranger armor, which you can dye any color you like to represent your favorite Ranger. There's also a set of three pose emotes, the first to have an "A" form and a "B" form. This allows you to use the same pose facing a different direction, just in case you want to pose with friends.

Let's take a look at what you need to do to get your Posing Ranger swag.


Quick Event Walkthrough

You pick up the initial quest in Limsa Lominsa, which quickly points you to the beach boardwalk of Costa del Sol. This is very near to the spot where last year's Faire was held. Here, you meet a team of heroes who call themselves the Posing Rangers. They are concerned that the Bombard King is about to return, and they're ready to defend the people of Eorzea. Only... they need a bit more training. And that's what you're there to help with.

There's a series of three repeatable quests where you assist each ranger in training their skills to become more confident in battle tactics. You only have to do each quest once, but you can choose to repeat them for Faire vouchers if you'd like. I've heard that repeating each quest gets you a slightly different cutscene the first three times you do it, but I've not tested that out. So if you want to see a tiny character development arc within the quests, try it out.

Dashing and Burning is the quest to assist the Red Ranger in honing his skills. You get to ride a colorful, water-spitting elbst mount, and help extinguish burning practice dummies along the coast. I guess the idea is that Red Ranger is trying to put the fires out using only his fist, and your rivalry is helping to push him to his limits.

The second quest is Hot n' Cold. The Black Ranger is out training in the heat with no concern for her own safety. So you need to buy 3 cups of rolanberry shaved ice and take them to her to help keep her cool in the summer heat. You can pick up the rolanberry shaved ice at an NPC right near the docks who is aptly named the Ice Man. You can also craft the ice if you have a culinarian.

Too proud to admit that the summer heat can get to her, the Black Ranger challenges you to a game of hot and cold. You must find her before she can finish 100 squats. Only then will she accept your ice. You have to find her three times within the quest area, and her location is random each time, even if you're in a party with others doing the same quest. I don't know if there's actually a way to lose this quest, despite the fact that she indicates there is a time limit.

The final quest is Who Let the Bombs Out. You must weaken and capture 3 Bygone Bombards and bring them to the Yellow Ranger, who will practice fighting them. This is a quest that's been controversial since release, and will likely see a change, if it's not been patched already.

The problem is that the bombards are only level 30, and very easy to kill. To capture them and get quest credit, you must not kill them, only weaken them before you used an item on them. This has seen a number of issues in the form of players griefing other players by killing the bombards before they can capture it. There's been a lot of complaints about this, and I've personally had it happen to me while doing this quest. Hopefully it'll get a fix, or folks with calm down once the event has been out longer.

Once you've assisted the rangers in their training, you must complete two event FATEs that appear at the quest marker location. Usually, the FATEs spawn pretty quickly, but there are times when I've waited for them to pop for up to 10 minutes. You must be riding an elbst mount to attack the enemies and get credit. Also, make sure you Level Sync to get credit!

The first FATE has a one large bomb with several smaller bombs that spawn up under it. Just position yourself close to the spawns and keep using the mount's water spit attack by pressing the number 1 over and over. This FATE doesn't last long, so try to hit as many as you can. The best you can get from this FATE is 3 Faire vouchers.

The second FATE spawns immediately after the first. A huge bomb appears in the middle, but you can't attack it. Instead, use your mount's water spit attack on the smaller bombs that spawn in a ring outside of it. They will often explode after one blast, so be careful. Try to hit as many of the smaller bombs as you can to get Gold credit for the FATE. This will earn you 5 Faire vouchers each time.

These FATEs are the fastest and easiest way to earn the vouchers you need to purchase the Faire rewards. You get the Ranger gear chestpiece from finishing the questline, but if you want the rest of the armor, they cost 3 vouchers each. The 3 poses cost 5 vouchers each as well. You can also purchase Moonfire Faire Orchestrion music and an outdoors firefly lamp decoration for your house.

This event lasts until August 26, so you have plenty of time to Go Go Posing Rangers!

FFXIV Moonfire Faire