Daybreak Games has revealed another race for EverQuest Next: The Halasians.

The Halasians

(Video credit goes to BuzWeaver)

Daybreak Games recently revealed a new class for their highly anticipated title EverQuest Next: the Halasians. The Halasians are a barbarian race loosely based on the Celts, the Scots, and the Vikings. Though they do not possess any sea presence, the Halasians are hearty fighters that focus on brute force and strength in combat. Since they are similar to the Barbarians in EverQuest and EverQuest 2, the Halasians will feature several of the Barbarians' abilities (though specific stats have not yet been named).

The Halasians are a hearty society of humans that have lived in Everfrost for several generations. Over the years, their martial prowess and feats of strength have earned them a reputation as fierce warriors. Though they do not care much for simple comforts, their architecture does carry a distinct level of decoration, exhibiting furs, antlers, claws, and engravings.

Halasians are a proud nation; they do not commit petty crimes like theft or public mischief. However, those that wish to challenge them in drunken bar brawls should think twice.

Daybreak Games has released several concept art pieces alongside the announcement, showing rough outlines of building exteriors, building interiors, character scale, and doors.




Source: Daybreak Games Forums