Hold on to your chicken hats because the Fall Guys Season 4 release date has arrived. Amidst the explosion of neon, the community is jostling at the starting line for the hugely-anticipated Squads mode. We all know what that means. No more moral conundrums as you contemplate heading back to the lobby for a fourth time because your friend Glenn can’t get his act together in the first round. Classic Glenn.

Entitled Fall Guys 4041, the season flings us into the future, with luminous levels featuring laser beams, light-bridges and anti-gravity. The latest skins also fit the 80s retrofuturism theme, and also introduce the first official crossover of the season: the long-awaited Among Us skin, which awaits in the Season 4 Battle Pass. Not only that, but Godzilla returns with a fiery new look.

But if we’re being honest the word on everybody’s lips for this season is ‘Squad’. The exciting new Squads mode will feature most (but not all) of the current Fall Guys levels and centres around a team of four winning and losing together. It is down to the members of a squad to score as many points as possible, which are tallied up based on where they finish in a race. So while there’s still a chance for Glenn to work his magic, the right teammates could even see him through to the very end. Now that’s friendship.

Here’s Fall Guys’ lead game designer, Joe Walsh, to explain further:

As the latest season has *only* *just* landed, the *Fall Guys* guys have opened up a special [support page](https://support.fallguys.com/hc/en-us) for players to highlight any issues they may be facing in the first few hours of the *Fall Guys* Season 4 release. So grab the squad and jump in!

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