There's a new Warcraft movie trailer available, this time with a bit of a twist courtesy of one talented fan's efforts!

world of warcraft movie trailer

Ivan Kuzkin remade the Warcraft movie trailer using in-game character and environment assets, and thus bringing us the "real" World of Warcraft Movie experience. We may not have been exactly expecting it, but this trailer throws us right back in the game and is a more than welcome surprise on the now shorter and shorter wait for the movie's upcoming release on June 10.

A side-by-side comparison of the two trailers is also available on Ivan's channel. All we can say is, kudos for the stunning attention to detail and perfect sync with the original. It's almost mesmerizing to follow both at the same time.

Our Thoughts:

I don't know about everyone else but we sure replayed the trailer quite a few times, especially the side-by-side comparison. If anyone needed a reminder of Azeroth's greatness and how epic it (still) feels to adventure in World of Warcraft during this pre-Legion hiatus, Ivan Kuzkin's initiative hits that exact spot perfectly.

Regardless of the lack of 3D/CGI graphics, seeing such well-crafted fan-made movies is always touching and gives us all the feels.