As if we weren’t giddy enough from the prospect of the holiday season - we’re here to triple the fuzzy factor with a three-pronged instalment of another feel-good Friday designed to keep you warm as the months grow colder.

gaming charity


First up - we’re now already halfway through the week of live streams being held by Sega in their team up with Stand Up To Cancer. As part of a collaborative effort with other beloved game studios Amplitude Studios, Creative Assembly, Relic Entertainment and Two Point Studios, the SEGA developers are hosting streams alongside many participating community members and fans from around the world.

The two remaining official developer streams can be caught here:

  • December 7th, 5-11pm GMT – SEGA Europe plays Total War: WARHAMMER II, Alien: Isolation & Sonic Mania –

  • December 8th, 7-9pm GMT – Relic Entertainment takes a look back at one of their most popular games –

Sega are also encouraging streamers who wish to get involved with the effort to reach out to and help fight to end cancer as we know it, one stream at a time.

Jingle Jam 2020

Next is the launch of the world’s biggest gaming charity event, Jingle Jam whose 2020 games bundle went live earlier this week. In this annual fundraising event, PC gamers can donate to 12 different charitable projects and bag themselves a gaming bundle worth over £400 individually with just a £25 donation. In other words - it’s a bargain that even Black Friday couldn’t rival: incredible value for money and a contribution to a good cause.

To see the line-up of the games and add-ons for games including Call of Duty and Among Us, as well as a full list of the 12 charities you can contribute to, swing by the Jingle Jam donation page.

Double Donations

Finally, as part of their Armistice campaign earlier this month, War Child UK and the UK gaming community took part in a huge fundraiser that celebrated one of the most original non-violent games of the year - the wildly entertaining Fall Guys.

In order to raise funds to support children and their families affected by war in Afghanistan as part of War Child’s ‘Torn from Home’ appeal, some of the UK’s most popular influencers held multiple charity streams during November.

Plus, the UK tax payer donations from the campaign were doubled by the UK government through Aid Match and will continue to be matched right up until 18th February. So if you take part now, you can be safe in the knowledge that your contribution will double in worth, regardless of its size - so swing by the Armistice page for info on how to contribute.

Happy Friday everyone! Let’s keep the good news coming and let us know of any gaming charity initiatives you’ve been hearing about for our next feel-good Friday instalment!